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If you are going to travel in wintertime, highly recommended to wear: Warm clothes like warm sweater with waterproof and wind protection, winter snow coat, warm socks, hiking boots with waterproof (for walking in snow), warm gloves, scarf, winter hat, sunglasses and so on..

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Testimonials from our clients

Eliana Schiro and her Husband from Italy visited to Mongolia in 2018. They gave us this feedback:

Erdenet hotel has very poor service, very noisy during the night, no breakfast and no support to cook, bed clothes and linens are too short. We had a right handed jeep and having the driving wheel on the that side os dangerous, when overtaking. About the food, very good flexibility and care about our food limitations. Guide: lot of details and history of the country and nature. Gana has always tried to accommodate our needs and requests.

Tsu Hui Ko and her family from Singapore visited to Mongolia in 2018. They gave us this feedback:

Our tour guide Chi Chi has better language skill and communication, a very passionate tour guide. Tuya's knowledge is great, but lack of language skill. Ulaanbaatar and local tour guides are wonderful. BBQ Mutton is very tasty and meals are great, except less vegetables and too much meat. Horseback riding was adventurios, but the safety needs more improvement. A gentlemen almost fell down from the horseback, because of wild naturs of the horse. It would be better to have a man to lead only one horse each time.

Martin Lipinski and his family came from USA and his family gave us this feedback:

Breakfast at the hotel was not so good. Everythings was perfect and well organised. Best part was national park visit. It will be nice if we could try homemade dairy products at the nomad family.

Bodin and his family visited to Mongolia in 2018. They gave us following feedback:

Good adaptation for our family. Anytime of traveling stops and rest adapted for kids, some extras like fruits and sweets. We liked it. The driver was well experienced, gentle, good sence of service. Meals: Tasty and good balance of vegetables and mongolian dishes. Tours: very interesting spots with blend of cultural and nature activities. The guide was really great to bung elements of the mongol culture through the daily life. We really loved our experience and there was a lot for everyone in the family. Lavatories/bathroom: we were a bit surprised by the lack of bathroom during the longs hours drive, so it might be good to warn people upfront.

Michael Clarke and his family came from England and his family gave us following feedback on our travel service:

Everything was good. Urangoo's language and communication skills were excellent. My family travel and adventures were excellent. Thank you.

~ Kou Yang, USA The tour was awesome. I couldn;t be asked for better. Awesome tour. guide who was knowledgeable about all the tour sites. Driver was very friendly and warming. The city tour was great especially the cultural performance. I would recommend Blue Mongolia to all.  
~ Anais Julienne & Bernardo Montufar, France It was wonderful experience. we had some bad weather, but it gave me the opportunity to spend more time with nomad family and it was a very enriching time. Our guide Tuvshee was joyful and friendly and most importantly a very good cook (in extreme conditions) during tent camping. We want to come back and we will buy a ger to put in our garden!  
~ Maria Rovere & Luigi Vigliotti, Italy Very pleasant trip together with very polite and loyal guide and personnel, everything well arranged and fixed. Thank you very much.
~ Giovanna Gastalla, Italy I appreciate very much the good arrangement and experience of your agency team and as well as problem solving capacity. I appreciate veru much the honesty and simplicity of this wonderful land and people.
~ Stefano Poli, Italy Very nice and good experience. Your services - truly comfortable. I want to thank you and our guide Tava. I hope to see you again in future.
~ John Rice, USA Thank you for arranging my travel. Hope to see you again.
~ Anna Ingram, USA The travel was very well organised. Good information is provided in all senses. Our guide Degi and driver Nasa was nice and friendly.
~ Lisa and Tom, USA Let us say that we had a fantastic trip. It was even better than we had hoped for. We want to thank you for all of your help in planning the trip and making sure that all of the details were taken care of for us. Thank you. Guide Altai and driver Ganbaa are excellent. You are the best!
~ Jane Stafford, USA We had a few days trip, so our family really wants to stay here for more days. It was wonderful country, polite people and good service. Thank you very much.
~ Marino Giovanno, Italy Good trip, Very well organised. Excellent and very professional guide, highly recommended.
~ Claudio, Italy Our trip was very nice. We didn't expect so much fun, peace and lots of information. Our guide Bolroo was much knowledgeable and very kind. Driver ... was like professional, always carefelly driving out holes on the road.
~ Catherine and Susan, UK No complaints, two couples enjoyed the trip. Horseback riding was wonderfull. Very cool service! We will recommend Blue Mongolia to our friends.
~ Quek Tee Kim, Singapore I am very happy & enjoy my trip. It was wonderful. You have a very very good & excellent guide and driver. Thank you. I shall return with my family.
~ Hong Jung Eung, Korea Overall satisfactory. Next year I will come back to ride a horse.
~ Femke and Maria, Holland My friends and I enjoyed my trip in Mongolia. It was nice and interesting to visit to Mongolian wide steppe area and meet nomads. The trip was planned very well. Thank you for your all care.


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