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My friends and I enjoyed my trip in Mongolia. It was nice and interesting to visit to Mongolian wide steppe area and meet nomads. The trip was planned very well. Thank you for your all care.

~ Femke and Maria, Holland

nationwide holidays

Nationwide Naadam Festival

Traditional New Year Holiday

Naadam nationwide festival, originated many centuries ago as a test of courage, strength, daring and horsemanship necessary for nomads and warriors, is celebrated in 11-12, July. Naadam festival consists of 3 main tournaments: horseracing, archery and wrestling. Before 1921, Naadam was held for state important celebrations or anniversaries, later Naadam festival has been held in July for the anniversary of victory in battles of liberation Mongolian from Chinese people. Approximately, more than 1000 horses, 500 wrestlers, 200 bowmen participate Naadam Festival, which is held only in Ulaanbaatar.

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White month traditional new year is celebrated in many cases in February, exact date is calculated according to the lunar calendar. White month celebration source is connected to the celebration of Thanksgiving Day celebrated until XIII century in autumn. Chinggis Khan decided to celebrate it in the spring and called White month. The white color is symbol of all that is beneficial, purity and frankness. The popular form of this festival includes a series of deeply symbolic rituals that must be carried out in strict observance of the rules to ensure a happy and favorable year. The New Years Eve is called Bituun and each family takes feast in the Eve day. The feast meals are steamed whole meat of sheep, dumplings, tea with milk, bakeries and milk products.

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