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All inclusive tour arrangement is the main service provided by our agency to the travelers.
The package tour, which is organized by us, includes following caterings:

  • Travel preparation /at least 1 month prior to arrival date/
  • Transfer to/from airport and hotel
  • Comfortable accommodation in hotels and camps
  • City tour including visits to the most popular museums and monasteries
  • Excursion to countryside including visits to beautiful national parks and historical sights
  • Well experienced tour guiding
  • Providing everyday full board that features European and Mongolian cuisines
  • Reliable transportation for driving in countryside earth roads
  • Involvement in Visa support service
  • Domestic flight's ticket booking
  • Home-stay arrangements, if it is requested
  • Horse and camel back riding arrangements on a request

Planning a package trip

We would be happy to create a trip itinerary that reflects your interests, time frame and comfort level. Our staff will give you the timely information needed to insure a practical, well designed itinerary.

MAKING TRIP ITINERARY: First of all, you can e-mail or post us your comments, in which may be mentioned your interested destinations, sights and type of service. We would appreciate if you write about arrival day, trip days, hotel class, occupancy, and transportation type, what language speaking guide, and necessary travel equipments in details in order to save the time. Then we will offer you the requested tour.

Our staff will offer a realistic schedule, so your days will full, but not crammed. In some cases, the trip in Mongolian countryside may have a more sedate pace and its link to nature and the seasons. If you planned the itinerary tightly scheduled, you will run the risk of having the entire trip compromised by events such as bad weather, flight delays, and bad roads beyond our control.

Your basic itinerary should be confirmed at least one month before your arrival and the preparation will be done by our staff.


Two weeks before your arrival in Ulaanbaatar we will introduce your guide and driver through e-mail. Besides that, by this time you will receive a mail, which includes the special advice for you and for your friends. This will give you a nice chance to get to know the person, who is guiding you in Mongolia and assisting with other travel service. Also your identification copy with personal information is necessary for to buy tickets on domestic flights and to arrange tour.


Generally, trip booking is officially confirmed by deposit. Deposit online payment can be done by credit card such as Visa and Master at our web site, or bank transfer, or cheque, or worldwide money roaming network. The deposit should be done before 6 weeks prior the travel start date. The deposit will be for your hotel room booking, domestic flights and petrol and more, so it is non-refundable amount.
Tours priced up to 2500$:    $500
Tours priced up to 5000$:    $1000

The deadline for total payment will be your arrival day in Mongolia. Upon your arrival the tour payment can be paid in cash, or travel cheque, or credit card. Payment by credit card and travel cheques can not be handled by someone behalf of you. Because Mongolian banks require that card holder or cheque holders should come to bank to let them check your passport and sign on bank notes. Therefore, you will come to a bank (24 hours open banks in Ulaanbaatar) and will get cash and complete the payment process. For changing travel cheque, or credit card, a bank will impose 0.4% commission, and you are responsible for it. This is charged by only a bank.


After the deposit paid, the cancellation could be done by the subscribers. In this case we will keep Holiday Contract agreed by Blue Mongolia Tour agency and Traveler.

OUR GUARANTEE: When you need to get the visa authorization for traveling and visiting in Mongolia before or after the tour confirmation, we are able to assist on your issue. If you need to get support from professional organizations or associations, we can recommend someone best suited to meet the needs.

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