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It is a good idea to bring another smaller bag so that unwanted clothes can be kept in it at the hotel or camp when you go on trek. We recommend keeping the weight under 15 kg as the domestic air carriers have baggage allowance of 10 kg maximum and + 5kg cabin baggage (totally 15 kg). Excess luggage charge is 1.5 -2 $ per every 1 kg. Before leaving for a country trip, you can leave extra weight luggage in luggage storage room of the hotel...

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The tour was awesome. I couldn;t be asked for better. Awesome tour. guide who was knowledgeable about all the tour sites. Driver was very friendly and warming. The city tour was great especially the cultural performance. I would recommend Blue Mongolia to all.

~ Kou Yang, USA

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Tour code: MN-29
Seasons to be arranged: June-November
Duration: 20 nights & 21 days
Number of travelers: Available for only group with more than 6 people, group max of 15 people
Tour grade: Adventurous
Total distance: 1400 km by plane, 3800 km by jeep, 5 km by horse, 5 km by camel
Activity: 1 hour horse riding, 1 hour camel riding, hiking 2 hours, meeting with nomads
Specially advised to pack: Hiking good shoes, sun glasses and sun hat, binocular, mosquito repellent crème, your favorite delicacies

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Day 1: Ulaanbaatar capital
Arrival in Ulaanbaatar city, Meeting assistance upon arrival by Blue Mongolia Tour agency representative and transfer to Hotel with 3 stars. Free time to adjust for time difference. Stay in hotel

Day 2: Gobi Desert – Yolun Am Gorge - Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs
This travel will start in the morning earlier. Soar over the vast steppe on a flight to the mystical Gobi, site of some of the most important paleontological discoveries of the 20th century. Over the next four days, discover the wildlife and varying landscapes of the desert, home to Bactrian camels, Argali mountain sheep, and asker falcons, as well as rare species such as snow leopards and Gobi bears. Yolun Gorge in Three Beauties of Gobi National Park, Travel to Yolyn Am, or Eagle Valley, a dramatic chasm that cuts a narrow path through the foothills of the arid Altai Mountains. Set out on a hike through this lush spot, keeping your eye out for native vultures called lammergeiers, ibex, and gazelles. Later, visit the local natural history information center about "Three Beauties of Gobi" national park, Trekking and photographing spectacular high cliff walls, Picnic lunch at the gorge, Head to Bayanzag, also known as the Flaming Cliffs. Here, brilliant red sandstone harbors a treasure trove of dinosaur fossils and eggs. Look for fossils and hike down into the gorge to take in the breathtaking span of the desert landscape. Fossils’ dimension was used in Jurassic Park movie, After dinner watch documentary by National Geographic on Roy Chapmen Andrews Expedition at Bayanzag flaming Cliff, Stay in ger tourist camp

Day 3: Khongor Sand dunes
Awaken early to watch the rising sun infuse the desert with glowing hues of orange and gold. Breakfast, Drive to "Bayanzag" Flaming cliffs, where found dinosaur fossils, which were used as a dimension for Jurassic Park movie /65 km/, Trekking on Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs, an incredible landscape of rock and red sands, where dramatic dinosaur graveyards are hidden. Dinosaur eggs are still being found here. Box lunch in open air near small spring, Drive to magnificent Khongor sand dunes /160 kms & 5-6 hours driving/, Trekking and hiking to sand hills, Dinner, Stay overnight in Ger tourist camp

Day 4: Ukhaa Tolgod Hill
Breakfast, Visit to local camel breeder's house-Ger, Explore the nomadic lifestyle and daily activities, Try diary products from camel milk, Camel back riding -1 hour, Drive to Sevrei Mt and explore rock paintings dated to ancient centuries /55 km/, Driving in Gobi vast steppe with low trees, Picnic Lunch, Visit to salt factory-food salt growing field, travel to Ukhaa Tolgod red hills, where dinosaur bones are hidden in sands /190 km/, Picnic Dinner, Campfire work, Stay overnight in outdoor tent camping

Day 5: Zulganai Oasis
After breakfast travel to one of the beautiful distinctive places in Gobi desert - Zulganai Oasis /140 km & 5-6 hours driving/, The Zulganai river takes it’s its source from the West Mountain of Altan flows to the west 20km and dissolves into the sand. the Zulganai River has beautiful dense forest with cane and willow. There cane grows about 3 meters high even the camel wasn’t shown, Trekking around oasis, Exploring sand dunes, small river, bushes in green meadows, birds, camels and so on, After lunch drive to Narandaats yellow smooth hills, trekking to yellow hills and slope places, where is hidden dinosaur fossils until today, Looking for fossils, Dinner, Stay overnight in outdoor tent camping

Day 6-7: Hermen Tsav Flaming Grand Canyon
Breakfast, Head to Hermen tsav Flaming Grand Canyon, This is the biggest canyon in Mongolia and it stretches for about 10km and reaches about 100-200m in depth at some parts. Hermen Tsav has a canyon with beautiful oasis, sand dune and jungle of canes and willows. This ground canyon is incredible beautiful place for timely photographing! Also when the sun rises and sets down, the color of the canyon seems it is in different planet, There you can see the colorful layers of soil and it proves that this place was ancient see bottom area. Nowadays, there are treasure chest fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs lying on the surface of sandy land.Trekking in the canyon taking pictures of canyon, red & green bushes, sand dunes in the canyon, After lunch continue trekking and photographing, Looking for petrified dinosaur fossils, Dinner, Stay overnight in outdoor tent camping at the canyon

Day 8: Bugiin Tsav Canyon - Orog Lake
Breakfast, Trip to Bugiin Tsav Orange & Green Cliffs, which houses for millions of fossils of stones with picture of see animals dated to ancient eras, It seems like original natural museum made by nature itself, Fossils of many different species like dinosaurs, a turtle, a fish and a mollusk along with interesting traces showing their lifestyle lie around the ground everywhere and it really catches researchers’ as well as people’s interest. Skeleton of carnivorous Tarbosaurus found in the area is now being kept as a show in the Museum of Natural History. Picnic lunch, Drive to Orog salt lake via Bayanlig village and White cave, This gobi part is very famous for gazelles and wild ass herds, Dinner, Campsite bon fire, Stay overnight in outdoor tent camping

Day 9: Arvaiheer town
Breakfast, travel by car to Arvaiheer town through small hills and gobi narrow valleys, box lunch on the way, continue driving to the town, explore the monument for Mongolian horse arvagar kheer, the town name is horse name, Have rest and free hours, Stay in local hotel

Day 10 – Uurt River Scold & Orkhon waterfall in Khangai Mt. National Park-
Breakfast, Then you will be driven to Orkhon waterfall in National park Khangai Mt. , On the way exploring several valleys edged with rolling low hills, Head to more further to Uurt river scold and photographing, Just after entering in Khangai Nuruu National park explore the ancient complex of offertory sites and rectangle shaped burial mounds dated to 3rd B.C, Then you will be driven to volcano lavas slowly and reached at the Orkhon waterfall area, Visit to yak herders or horse breeders’ Home-Ger, Get introduced with local family, Talking with them, Photograph yak milking, Try diary products from yak milk, Drink Mongolian national drink - fermented milk of horse, Horseback riding and trekking to big Orkhon waterfall and small waterfall, After lunch walking to Orkhon waterfall, Trekking down the river cliff and inside the cliff as photographing, Free time, Enjoy the fly fishing in Tsagaan river, Today driving distance is 170 km on earth road, Dinner and Stay overnight in ger tourist camp

Day 11– Tovkhon Meditation Temple in Khangai Mt Park
Breakfast, this morning the drive brings you at Shiveet Hill in Khangai Mountain National park, Easy Hiking to peak of Shiveet Mountain for next 2 hours through green meadow and forest, Visit to Buddhist temple Tovkhon and explore the rules and activities of Buddhist meditation keeper monks, After picnic lunch hiking to rocks on the top of hill to reach the small cave called mother belly, 2 caves for meditating lamas, rock seat in the sun, white stupa, small temple for god of mountain and water, On the top of hill the surrounding nature view looks very fascinating, Trekking in the hills, Trekk down and back to campsite, Continue drive to Orkhon river basin area, Dinner and Stay in tent camping

Day 12 – Khara Khorum – UNESCO Historical & Cultural Heritage Site
After Breakfast you will be driven west to Khara Khorum Area, which was the capital city site of Mongolian Empire founded by Chinggis Khan’s sons. Upon arrival visit to Khara Khorum newly opened museum and explore the archaeological expedition’s research results and history of Mongolian Empire and major military campaigns of Chinggis Khan’s sons. Visit the monument for 3 great Empires in Mongolian history, the Erdene Zuu Buddhist Monastery - 430 years old which was Buddhist center of Mongolia until 1937, when communists came and destroyed some part of it. dinner and stay in ger tourist camp

Day 13: Tsenher Hot Spa bath
After breakfast travel to Tsenkher hot spa bath area, Travel through Khangain Mountains and cross Tsenkher river and reach to Shivee Ulaan Mountain with hot springs, After lunch trekking to the hot mineral spring’s source area with hot air comes from ground, Enjoy the hot spa bath at the tourist camp, Free time, Dinner and stay in ger tourist camp

Day 14: Khorgo Volcano & Terkh White Lake National Park
Breakfast, today morning you will travel to small beautiful Tsetserleg town and Visit to Zay Gegeen Temple Museum dated to 1750s, Drive continue to Taikhar rock inscription, explore many kinds of scripts dated III-XVIII centuries such as Turkic, old Mongolian, Chinese character, Tibetan and modern Mongolian cyrillic, after lunch continue drive to Chuluut wild water river and river cliff, on where you can see fish swimming in the river in deep cliff, (180 km & 8-9 hours driving), Trip to impressive Khorgo volcano and Terkh white lake national park, dinner, Stay in ger tourist camp

Day 15: Khorgo Volcano & Terkh White Lake National Park
Breakfast, today is acclimatization day in national park area, Hiking to Khorgo extinct volcano, which is very tiny and covered with trees, Explore the crater with small lake inside of it, Trip to another big crater and lake, where are many emigrating birds, Hiking to mountains and explore the cave with several rooms, Trekking in this beautiful national park, After lunch take a trip to white lake with a lot of species fish, walking on the bank river exploring the pile's of stones devoted for lake, Explore the ground cave with ice in summer hottest days, the stone shelters formed by lava from exploding crater, Dinner, Stay in tourist camp

Day 16: Ider River basin area – Moron Town
Breakfast, Drive to small temple on the top of high hill in Tariat village, Joyful driving in smooth green hills and forest (185 km & 6-7 hours drive), Visit temple and explore how lamas are reading Tibeten books and praying for god, continue the travel to Ider river crossing green meadow valley (240 km & 8-9 hours driving), Drive to Delger river and explore Ovoo-pile of stones, which is devoted for god of nature, Drive to Moron town of Khuvsgul province, Dinner, Campfire work, Stay in local hotel

Day 17: Khuvsgul Lake National Park
Breakfast, the trip in north part of Mongolia will introduce you the different lifestyle of Darkhad- Tuva people and their culture and belief, and as well as different landscape view, Trip to Complex of Deer Monuments and circle graves dated to III B.C in Uushig valley, travel to Khuvsgul lake, The lake is located in impressive Khuvsgul national park, which comprises high mountain ranges with snow capped peaks, azure lake, green forest, beautiful river, today driving distance is 145 km & 5-6 hours driving, Dinner, Stay overnight in Ger tourist camp

Day 18: Hiking to Khisaa peak in Khuvsgul Lake National Park
Breakfast, Visit to tepees=tsaatan’s tent to explore the tribe's lifestyle, herd of reindeers and talk with them about their life in the forest, Drive to mountains and hiking to Khisaa peak, This is good place to explore the surrounding view of majestic mountain ranges in the far distance, islands in the beautiful lake and clouds moving in below of the peak, Timely photographing on the peak, 6-7 hours soft hiking, Lunch in open air, Return to tourist camp, Free time, Motor boat sailing to a small island in middle of lake-2 hours, Dinner, Stay overnight in tourist camp

Day 19: Ulaanbaatar city
Breakfast, Drive to Moron town, which is center of Khuvsgul Province, Walking in Moron town exploring the main square, Fly to Ulaanbaatar, Transfer to hotel, Free time, Dinner, Stay in the hotel

Day 20: Ulaanbaatar city
Breakfast, City tour including Visits to Gandantegchilen Monastery- Present biggest monastery, which houses for giant standing Buddha statue, National History Museum gives you real insight into Mongolian origin and history, Paleontology Museum offers nice chance to see petrified dinosaur skeletons and nestled eggs, National Folk Performance Concert with songs and contortion acts, Stay in hotel

Day 21: Departure day
Breakfast, Check-out at the hotel before 12.00 noon, Blue Mongolia Tour guide and driver will see you at the hotel lobby and Make a Transfer to the airport/ train station, Departure

The tour itinerary is subject to be changed at the traveler's request and requirements.


For individual travelers /1-2 people/: 4500-5300USD
For group /more than 3-4 people/: 3700-4500USD

Above mentioned price is average amount to give you an idea. The exact amount is varied for everyone depending on number of travelers and service type including how many stars hotels you want to stay in, double or single occupancy you would prefer, what kind of additional service /such as visa support/ is required and so on...

Discount conditions:
• If group is bigger than 16 people: 16 +1pax free of charge
• For Family trip, children 0-9 years old are free of charge

This price INCLUDES:
Transfer to/from airport/hotel, Private transport with driver during the trip including petrol cost, Accommodation at hotels in Ulaanbaatar, Accommodations in Ger tourist camps in countryside, Everyday 3 times meals, English speaking tour guide, Entrance fees to protected areas, Entrance fees to sightseeing and museums and cultural shows, Horse riding and camel riding fees, Domestic flights, flight insurance, Daily supply of mineral water - 0.5L bottle of water per day, invitation letter arrangements for Mongolian tourist visa issue, service fees and government tax.

International air flight round trip, Travel insurance, medical insurance, Fee for Visa obtaining, Alcoholic beverages, Additional services, Fee for extra luggage, Personal expenses such as IDD call, internet using, laundry, any charge for major force beyond of our control such as the imposition of quarantine restrictions, weather bad conditions, changes of arrival/departure flights, poor roads conditions, etc.

Please, Note:
1. The maximum weight of loaded luggage for domestic flight and vehicle is 10 kg, hand luggage 5 kg. For overweight, each kg will be charged in 1.5USD. Extra luggage can be stored free at hotels in Ulaanbaatar.
2. Hotels in Ulaanbaatar city reserved on double occupancy, and in countryside all Ger styled tourist camps are based on triple or 4 occupancy.
3. Check-in at hotels is at 12:00m/Check-out at hotels is at 12:00m.

!!! Tour itinerary and price may be subject to change.

The duration of the above trip can be prolonged or changed to suit your needs.

Please, make your reservations at your earliest convenience.


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