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National & Folklore Performance Theatres:
The world classic and national opera, ballet, folk concert and circus are typical evening entertainments offered to guests. National Folk Performance concert consists of song, dance performances, and khoomii sound singing and contortion acts. Sometimes, the concert includes the performing of national clothes fashion show and opera clips. We recommend you Tumen ekh ensemble, Nomadic melodies ensemble and State Falk performance ensemble and Moon Stone Ensemble.

Opera and Ballet House:

Mongolian famous operas are: Love triangle opera (Uchirtai Gurvan Tolgoi) by Damdinsuren.Ts, Chinggis Khan Opera by Sharav.B, Choijid Angel Mongolian Operas.

Other usually performed western operas are Carmen by Carl Orf, Rigoletto by J.Verdi, Barbar of Sivilla, Romeo and Juliet, Otello and so on..

Usually performed Mongolian ballet is Whip of Sky by Batdelger.A, Ballet Uran Khas (Lyric by Chuluun), Three persons in Love (by Mend-Amar.J).

Mostly presented western ballets: Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty by Chaikovskii, Gizelle by Adams.

Dancer Altankhuyag
Dancer Ouyndari

Swan lake by Tsaikovskyi performed by
Mongolian ballet dancers

Chinggis Khan Opera by Sharav. B

In Ulaanbaatar few people go to the cinema theatre to watch new movies produced by Mongolian producers. Today Tengis Cinema, Orgoo Cinema, Soyombo Cinema and Nomin Cinema are open to publics.

Art Galleries:
White Tara Gallery, Zanadu art gallery, Artists Gallery- Free entrance everyday, Mongolian art gallery, Zanabazar Fine art gallery, and Valiant Art gallery.

Museums in Ulaanbaatar city:
In order to give you the idea, museums' names are mentioned in following: Mongolian National History museum, Mongolian Nature Musuem, Zanabazar's Fine art Musuem, Winter palace Museum of Bogd Khan King, Temple Museum of Choijin lama, Mongolian Costume Museum, Mongolian Art ad Culture Musuem, Museum of Theatre, International Intellectual Toy Museum, Hall of Stamps, Museum of Rehabilitation, Ulaanbaatar city History Museum, Mongolian Traditional Medicine Museum, Ulaanbaatar Railway Museum, Hall of Chinggis Khan Heritage, Ger Musuem of Ethnics.

Pubs& Wine Lounges:
The most comfortable best pubs are recommended: Grand Khan Irish pub, Khan Brau, Brauhous, Chinggis Beer, Sky Lounge in Central Tower. The recommended wine houses are: Sky lounge in Central Tower, Cocktail House in 17th floor of Central Tower, Wine lounge in Bayangol Hotel A tower, Ivy Restaurant.

Disco & Night Clubs:
There are the most popular and safe nightclubs, disco bars, karaoke bars and pubs are located in the center of capital and they are open until 1 a.m. Also the most safe and luxury bars are the night bars, which are at the biggest hotels. Well known disco clubs are Brings Club (10.000Mtog tax), Amrita Bar (10.000Tog tax), Medusa Club, Strings Night Club (8000Tog tax), River sounds, and Hollywood Disco bars.

Adult show nightclubs are Marko Polo club at 100USD entry tax, Amrita nightclub at 20USD. In disco and nightclubs the main service is organized as table set menu, For example: Set-1: 8 bottles of beer, 1 bottle of chardonnay wine, 1 bottle of gold Chinggis vodka and 2 bottles of mineral water/juise.

Mongolia, Mongols …
One of the oldest nations in the world that has left a noticeable imprint on mankind's history. Mongolia is a land, where exist both of nomadic and urban civilizations next to each other as keeping the golden heritage of nomadic Mongols as well as beautiful wild nature….

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