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Let us say that we had a fantastic trip. It was even better than we had hoped for. We want to thank you for all of your help in planning the trip and making sure that all of the details were taken care of for us. Thank you. Guide Altai and driver Ganbaa are excellent. You are the best!

~ Lisa and Tom, USA

TSAGAAN SAR Mongolian New Year in lunar calendar

Tsagaan sar - White Month traditional new year is celebrated in many cases in February, exact date is calculated according to the lunar calendar. White month celebration source is connected to the celebration of Thanksgiving Day celebrated until XIII century in autumn. Chinggis Khan decided to celebrate it in the spring and called White month. The white color is symbol of all that is beneficial, purity and frankness. The popular form of this festival includes a series of deeply symbolic rituals that must be carried out in strict observance of the rules to ensure a happy and favorable year. The New Years Eve is called Bituun and each family takes feast in the Eve day. The feast meals are steamed whole meat of sheep, dumplings, tea with milk, bakeries and milk products.

On the first day of spring White month women offer a milk tea or milk to the blue sky asking for the good luck for their family. Before the sun rises, men and boys go to the nearest or sacred mountain peak and offer 3 stones to the ovoo (pile of stone) as a gift to the god of nature and blue sky, consequently, when the sun rises they greet with sun as shouting in loud voice as Uuhai and Uuhai (meaning is Hooray). Then they come back to their homes and all people start to greet with each other as holding blue silk scarf called khadag, which is a symbol of respect. The greetings are expressed through very specific ritual gestures and mutual salutations. However, this greeting is not used between husband and wife. Once the ritual greetings are done, parents say a blessing and express good wishes to all family members and guests.



Blue Mongolia Tour has been offering innovative journeys since 2003, and through this time, we have been consistent in our approaches, even the numbers of possibilites have grown dramatically:

- You will travel to remarkable regions of Mongolia that are rich in nature and in their culture and history. These are minor ethnic groups and tribes, who are living in far remote wild places, which a few people are fortunate to visit in their lifetime.

- You will learn so much, because our tour guides are very special people, who care about your knowledge, interest and comfort. They are supremely knowledgeable, talented and also great at conveying what they know. They will help make your journey tremendous fun and intellectually satisfaction. For instance: Special speeches on several topics will be presented by tour guide. When you are travelling in Gobi desert, you will see lots of dinosour bones and eggs, which is kept until today...


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