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All camps in countryside don't provide with disposable toiletries and hygiene supplies such as teeth paste, small soap and so on.. So, please, bring your personal items. It is advisable to bring extra films, blank audio cassettes, own private toiletries including dental floss and light towels, spare batteries for your electronic equipments, flashlight, Swiss army knife, sun block, moist tissues, cream, lip balm, notebook and pens, compass, passport photos, travel style packs with locking zippers, convenient daypack, copy of your identification, mosquito avoiding incense...

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Our trip was very nice. We didn't expect so much fun, peace and lots of information. Our guide Bolroo was much knowledgeable and very kind. Driver ... was like professional, always carefelly driving out holes on the road.

~ Claudio, Italy

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1. Ulaanbaatar Capital City
2. Khara Khorum - Capital of Mongolian Empire
3. Khangain Nuruu National Park
4. Terelj National Park
5. Chinggis Khan's Statue on Tsonjin Boldog Hill
6. 13 Century Cultural Park
7. Khorgo Volcano -Terkh Lake National Park
8. Khustain Nuruu - Wild Horses National Park
9. Bogd Khan Mt - Manzushir Monastery Ruins
10. Arkhangai Province - Tsenher Hot Spring
11. Otgontenger Sacred Mountain Park


How to get: by jeep: 110 kms and 2 hours driving

13 Century Cultural Park comprises Chinggis Khan's statue and museum halls and Live museum "Town from 13 century". The ancient town live museum is located in the distance of 130 km east of Ulaanbaatar in area of Erdene sum of Tov Province. It takes 2 hours driving on paved road.

A 40 meter statue of Chinggis Khaan mounted on horseback and holding horsewhip will be discovered on the way to Alive museum of 13 th century. The musem displays the authentic lifestyle of mongols, who were living in Chinggis Khan's period and offer travellers real experience and real feeling on travel this ancient world. This place gives them a feeling of that travellers came to ancient time in time mashine.

The complex is consisted of 350 hectare field and it consists of 12 main complex areas and have lots of animal collection such as mongolian dog, wolves and eagle. Travellers will walk in this city or they can rent horse or camel passing through this city at no charge.

Warriors, who are dressed in ancient national costumes-armours and holding spears and swords, will greet travellers near the main gate of this mini world. Travellers should get the Gerege /used as passport in 13 th century/ and they have right to enter the city.

Defence Complex
Warriors, who are dressed in ancient national costumes-armours and holding spears and swords, greet travellers near the main gate of this mini world. Travellers should buy the gerege /used as passport in 13 th century/ and they have right to enter the city.

Ger complex of Crafsmen
Explore mongolian ladies, who are sewing national clothes, craftsmen, who are doing some decorative things and applied art works, men, who are making swords and spears near the fire, and other people, who are doing householding items for themselves.

Ger complex of Royal People:
Royal family people live here and their ger is open to travellers. Explore how the roatl people dressed and how they lead the state work, meeting, and how they enjoy in palace performance.

Ger complex of education and books
Educated people are living and doing their paper works, history books anf inventing mongolian Yigur alphabet in this gers. Travellers can have their names written in old mongolian script.

Nomad Gers complex
Explore there how nomads: horsebreeders, shepherds and cattle breeders are living in small different gers and what they are eating and drinking.

Sacred Diety - Shamanism Ger complex
Most of mongols believed in shamanism in 13-th century, so this gers show how shamans are living and what they are doing for public and for the state.

Great Court ger complex
This complex show how the laywers are regulating the society with special law Great Yasa. Of course, in this area there are no any jails. See how people are punished for their crimes: polluting nature, stealing something, breaking their promice to their friends…

Hunters Tent Complex
Here explore how the hunters are hunting with their eagle or in special tecnics of archery shooting. Explore the blue skins and furs of hunted animals processed by hunters.

Ger complex of migrating people and refugees
Explore how the pilgrimagers and refugees are living and in this place.

Main commercial street
Walking in the commercial street and change your USDollars into 13-th century coins and “shopping” in ancient market.

Special Ger complex for travellers
Travellers can have rest and relax and enjoy some special service for travellers.

For detailed travel to 13 century park museum, CLICK HERE


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