1. Ulaanbaatar Capital City
2. Khara Khorum - Capital of Mongolian Empire
3. Khangain Nuruu National Park
4. Terelj National Park
5. Chinggis Khan's Statue on Tsonjin Boldog Hill
6. 13 Century Cultural Park
7. Khorgo Volcano -Terkh Lake National Park
8. Khustain Nuruu - Wild Horses National Park
9. Bogd Khan Mt - Manzushir Monastery Ruins
10. Arkhangai Province - Tsenher Hot Spring
11. Otgontenger Sacred Mountain Park






How to get: by jeep: 900 kms and 2-5 days driving by plane: 2 hours


Zavkhan Province is one of the significant places for Mongolian history, especially dated to medieval age and revolution in XX century.


Otgontenger snow caped peak

Otgontenger mountain is protected in XVIII century to protect the historical sights and ecological integrity in this region. At that time it is protected to cutting trees, hunting, digging the ground in this mountainous area and local people worshipped the mountain 4 times in a year.



Here it is very exciting place when to see summer in the foot of mountain and but winter in the top of it. There is +55 degrees hot spa resort in the foot of the mountain.

Badarhundaga lake

Badarhundaga spectacular lake is located in front of the mountain Otgontenger, little bit lower location from snow caped peak. The lake is 300-400 m long wide and pristine drink water lake. The lake water drops down in cracks of rocks and running to the valley.


Golden sand dune

There is an especially yellow colored Golden sand dune near Otgontenger Mt. The sand dune is called as golden because it's strange yellow color and it's curative feature. At once time sands were gushing on the top of the sand dune. Local people use this sand for many reasons: treatment, construction, splashing it due to superstition, which means expelling bad spirit.