Generally, Mongolia is relatively safe country for foreigners; there is no terror, no misunderstanding between religious people and no civil war. Cities are mostly safe; however, as in other large cities, you may face some street crimes particularly in Ulaanbaatar and especially late at night. In the countryside, foreigners feel much safer because the nomadic people have more respect for travelers.


Pick pocketing is the most common incident for foreigners. So before your arrival to Mongolia, it is advised to be insured for theft and accident. Mongolians think foreigners and tourists are rich and are carrying lots of cash or other property. Therefore, keep an eye on your belongings in Ulaanbaatar to avoid from pick pocketing, especially in the crowded places: in the public bus, shops, and markets, in touristy places and in the street.


Some tips to caution you:

- Although it is safe, if it very late evening, please hire the taxi instead of walking on downtown streets.

- It is better to avoid homeless dogs in the city and town streets. They can bite you, when you like them and want to touch them.

- Please, Take caution if offered marmot meat.

- Before sailing and rafting, please, dress the life jacket.

- Before horseback riding, please, listen to your tour guide insruction. Please, Check that saddle is comfortable for you and stirrip is suiting for you or not. If it is the first time to ride horses, have a double check with your guide that horse is gentle and it is easy to stop him.

- Before crossing river and swimming, please, consult with you guide about the deepness and safety.