Active Adventure & Safari Tours


Below mentioned travels are recommended for travelers, who have much of time and who can take long hours jeep touring or driving expedition on off-roads, and can face with adventures, and who want to have active vacation with different activities: horse riding, walking, hiking, sailing, fishing, camel riding, observing stars, outdoor camping, meeting local people, milking goats or cows, cooking barbeque with your guide, observing wildlife and so on…. But these tours are not so extreme.


1. Mongolian Horseman Travel - 8 days

2. Active Vacation in Mongolia - 10 days

3. Adventure Tour - 11 days

4. Mongolian Miracles & Adventure – 15 days

5. Wild Taste of Adventure Travel  – 15 days

6. Gobi Adventure Travel - 16 days

7. Safari Tour in Altai Mountains - 15 days

8. Jeep Safari Travel - 17 days

9. Highlights of Mongolia Jeep Travel - 26 days