Blue Mongolia Tour LLC can provide you with camping equipments and outdoor gears whenever you need all of them in Mongolia . Rental services of good camping gears will make your mongol trip more adventuring and much enjoyable.


You can hire from us below equipments during your tour in Mongolia: tent for 2 persons, tent for 4 people, tent for kitchen, tent with kitchen for 4 person, sleeping bags, air self-filled mattrass, air pumped mattrass, tent light, kitchen table, small chairs, gaz stove, kitchen sets, table sets, outdoor cooler, water tank, saddles for horseback riding...

In order to rent outdoor equipments, Please, send us your request about your personal information including your full name, contact address and copy of your passport, w hat you want to rent, what are dates to use them.

Outdoor Equipments' Rental terms and conditions:
1. When you rent the equipments, the rental duration will be informed and return date should be fixed for travel agency convinience.


2. In order to help protect us against loss, damages or theft of all rented gears, we require a deposit in the same retail value of them. If equipments are lost, or stolen or damaged, the deposit amount for that item will not be refunded. If some parts of equipments are missed, or stained, or ripped, or malfunctioned, the small amount will be replaced against your deposit for repairing and replacing.

3. All equipments will be offered in the condition of well cleaned and disinfected. But they are should be returned in free of heavy dirt, mud and wetness.

4. We are not responsible for any accidents, which arised from your outdoor activities or use of our gears, consequently, hereby you should agree to indemnify us from any claims, charges or costs, arised from the use of our gears.


For detailed information and reservation, Please, contact us at: bluemongolia@magicnet.mn