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Your appropriate packing will provide you with more comfort in Mongolian wild nature. When you are traveling, you should pack as lightly as possible. Most travelers carry their luggage in a backpack and bags/suitcases with wheels. Try to use something that is both lockable and water proof and also with high quality. You will need a day pack/bag to carry water and a camera etc for day walks. Maybe, it can be a bag with packs of all your essential items in carry-on luggage for using any time: in airplane, jeeps, nomad ger, museums and even in open air...

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The tour was awesome. I couldn;t be asked for better. Awesome tour. guide who was knowledgeable about all the tour sites. Driver was very friendly and warming. The city tour was great especially the cultural performance. I would recommend Blue Mongolia to all.

~ Kou Yang, USA

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The purpose of Blue Mongolia Tour is to stimulate an interest in, develop an understanding of, create an appreciation for the wonders of our wonderful world and more deeply into the Central Asian Nomadic Mongols.


We have phylosopy: We all are citizens of this wonderful world. Travel around the world means travel in past, present, future of all human beings and our blue globe. Therefore, we try to make our tours more intellectually satisfying, as providing information about past & present of Mongol people and about the landscape, nature changes in this area many many years ago. Of course, we will make our trips more adventurous and rich with lots of fun.


Blue Mongolia Tour has been offering innovative journeys since 2003, and through this time, we have been consistent in our approaches, even the numbers of possibilites have grown dramatically:

- You will travel to remarkable regions of Mongolia that are rich in nature and in their culture and history. These are minor ethnic groups and tribes, who are living in far remote wild places, which a few people are fortunate to visit in their lifetime.

- You will learn so much, because our tour guides are very special people, who care about your knowledge, interest and comfort. They are supremely knowledgeable, talented and also great at conveying what they know. They will help make your journey tremendous fun and intellectually satisfaction. For instance: Special speeches on several topics will be presented by tour guide. When you are travelling in Gobi desert, you will see lots of dinosour bones and eggs, which is kept until today. This could be one secret of our world. So question is : Dinosaur is first or man are appeared first on the world? The tour guide will make speech on this topic including 4 theories of man appearance and how mongols think about it and so on.. Then you will travel to Orkhon valley- Unesco Cultural heritage place area, you will listen to interesting information: colourful history of nomadic Mongolian tribes, why they are so powerful, who is Chingis khan, what is the main origin of Mongol nation?, why we are ancestors of present country Turkey, why shamanism is the main religion for Mongols? what is meaning of swastica? Why Adolf Hitler borrowed it from steppe nomads? Why mongols are called blue mongols? and so on.. All the topic is not about mongols, but also related to all Asians, American Indians, Turkish and Europeans and even related to Latin Americans ... oh, we are .... .

- Comfortable accommodations and joyful outdoor camping will enhance your enjoyment. You will stay in Ger camps, tent campings even in nomad homestay that are due to your choice and you will have Mongolian traditional cuisines: Meat frying in open air as well as sheep barbeque cooked with heated stones.

- You will be well prepared for your expedition to land of blue sky. Because our friendly staff is here to help with detailed pre-departure materials.

Thank you for your interest in Blue Mongolia.


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