motorcycling from west to south TRAVEL


Tour code: MN-78
Seasons to be arranged: June-October
Duration: 14 nights & 15 days
Number of travelers: Available for solo traveler,
2-4 people, group max of 20 people
Tour grade: Easy
Total distance: 5900 km by jeep, 1 km by horse

Activity: 1 hour camel riding, meeting with nomads



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Day 1: Arrival in Baishint station, Mongolia
Arrival at Baishint border station in Bayan Ulgii Province in Mongolia, Meeting assistance upon arrival by Blue Mongolia Tour agency representative and coffee & introduction hour for Mongolia, then start the motorcycling to Ulgii town in Bayan-Ulgii province. today motorcycle distance is 110 km on earth road. Stay in local motel


Day 2: Tolbo lake - Tsambagarav Mt Park- Khovd town
After breakfast motorcycling travel will starts as heading to Tolbo lake, which is the clear cristal water and taking pictures and continue drive, By lunch time you will pass through Tsambagarav snow capped peak Mountain national park, picnic lunch and continue drive to Khovd town. the town is the center of 17 different ethnic groups and small town. today you will have 280 km drive on earth road, Upon arrival you will have free hours for relaxing, Stay in local motel


Day 3: Khar Us lake National Park - Jargalant Mountain
Breakfast, We have full day exploration for Khar Us national park, where WWF Mongolia is very active. We will drive along Jargalant Khairhan mountian and hike into Rashantiin Am/Spring Valley/, sacred valley. Here is a sacred spring which is being said to have medicinal properties, including for good for eye diseases. The great lakes basin has the largest reedbeds in all of Centrl Asia, with many bird species as well as Saiga Antelope, the rare wild boar., snow leopards, gazelle, wolves etc. Drive back to Khovd Town, today the driving distance is 120 km, Stay in local motel


Day 4-5: Altai town of Gobi-Altai Province
Early in the morning you will have breakfast, today you will keep on the drive to Altai town of Gobi Altai province, Full day and long hours driving through steppe edged with high Altai mountain ranges, taking pictures of some spectacular places and rocky hills, en-route stops on the way, One night you will stay in tent camping, Transfer to the local motel and free time. this day the driving distance is 390 km, Stay overnight in motel


Day 6: Bayankhongor Province
In the morning early you will start the motorcycling to Bayankhongor town of Bayankhongor Province, On the way you will drive through gobi desert steppe and hills, cross the Baidrag river, which runs to the gobi desert, brilliant red sandstone harbors a treasure trove of dinosaur fossils and eggs. drive travel as taking in the breathtaking span of the desert landscape. Full day and long hpurs of drive, today the distance is 470 km on earth road, Stay in local motel


Day 7: Arvaikheer town - Khara Khorum -UNESCO Site
Motorcycling travel through Shar Valley as heading to Arvaikheer town, the landscape view is semi desert steppe, near the Arvaikheer town visit to monument for racing horse, after the lunch at the town heading to Khara Khorum town, which is UNESCO Cultural and Hostorical heritage site. it was the capital city site of Mongolian Empire founded by Chinggis Khan’s sons. Upon arrival visit to Khara Khorum newly opened museum and explore the archaeological expedition’s research results and history of Mongolian Empire and major military campaigns of Chinggis Khan’s sons. today drive is 310 km on earth road, Stay in ger tourist camp


Day 8: Khara Khorum Town- Turkish Monument in Orkhon Valley
Today is the sightseeing day at Khara Khorum town, Visit the monument for 3 great Empires in Mongolian history, the Erdene Zuu Buddhist Monastery - 430 years old which was Buddhist center of Mongolia until 1937, when communists came and destroyed some part of it. The town is registered as UNESCO's Cultural Heritage Site and still today it keeps the great history of nomdic Mongols, Here you will visit to Khara Khorum museum, which displays the results of archeaological excavation expedition and history of Mongols in 12-13th centuries, After lunch Visit to Monument for Three Great Empires in Mongolian history, located in Orkhon river basin area, Explore the Turtle Rock, Visit to Erdene Zuu Monastery Museum - First and Biggest Buddhist Center in medieval ages and it was closed and badly damaged in1930's by communists, After sightseeing in Khara Khorum town Today you will drive you to Khoshoo Tsaidam area on bank of Orkhon river to explore Turkish Rock Inscription-Monuments about Kultigen King of Turkish tribe and battling and Other Historical remains from Turkish Empire, Visit to Tureg's Culture Museum, This Khoshoo Tsaidam area was ruins of Ancient Turkish city, who were very strong in 6-8AD, Stay in ger tourist camp


Day 9: Mongol Els Sand dunes at Khogno Khan nature reserve area
Breakfast, Motorcycling to Khogno Khan nature reserve area, upon arrival at the nature reserve area Visit to local horse breeder's house-Ger, Explore the nomadic lifestyle and daily activities, Try diary products from horse milk, may be try national drink Airag- mare’s fermented milk, Optional Horseback ride in Khogno Khan Nature Reserve, central point of Mongolia. Enjoy the sunset on this stunning and remote desert landscape, today driving distance is 110 km on paved road, Campfire work, Stay overnight in ger tourist camp


Day 10: Wild Horses National park - Ulaanbaatar city
Awaken early to watch the rising sun infuse the semi-desert steppe with glowing hues of orange and gold. Breakfast, Today you will depart to Ulaanbaatar city, On the way you will explore wild horses in the Khustain nuruu National park area, where herds of wild horse Przevalskii are re-acclimatizing since 1991, Information about the national park and wild horses will be given by accompanying Biologist. Drive to Mountains followed by a brief trek and wait for wild horses to come to spring drinking water.; Mongolian name is takhi, After dinner continue drive to Ulaanbaatar city, today drive distance is 290 km, Transfer to hotel, Stay in the hotel


Day 11: Ulaanbaatar city
Breakfast, City tour including visits to Gandantegchilen Monastery- Present biggest monastery, which houses for giant standing Buddha statue, National History Museum gives you real insight into Mongolian origin and history, After lunch visit to Paleontology Museum offers nice chance to see petrified dinosaur skeletons and nestled eggs, Free time for shopping the main street shops, art shops and antique shops, National Folk Performance Concert with songs and contortion acts, Dinner, Stay in hotel


Day 12: Chinggis Khan Statue - Terelj National Park
This morning drive to Chinggis Khan Statue on Tsonjin Boldog hill, Chinggis Khan Statue, which is designed as Chinggis Khan is mounting on the horseback and holding his golden whip in his right hand, The statue is a part of complex area is called Golden whip, Inside of the statue you are welcomed with several surprises: watch the portraits of Chinggis Khan's descendants, very big Mongolian boot with size of 4460, historical halls for Great Mongolian Empire and collections dated to Huns Empire (3-1th B.C), Then head to Terelj National Park, This park comprises splendid mountain ranges, pristine water river and caves and wonderful green meadow with edelweiss, Explore ovoo-pile of stones for nature worshipping, cave, small mining research hole, Turtle shaped original giant rock, Stay in ger tourist camp

Day 13: Sainshand town

After breakfast drive to Shainshand town of Dornogobi province, Full day drive on paved road. you will drive through desert steppe areas. Stay in local motel


Day 14: Zamiin Uud town

In the morning visit to local museum of Mongolian famous buddhist monk Danzanravjaa, very talented artist and philosophy man in Mongolia, Today you will drive to Zamiin uud tonw of Dornogobi province, the town is the south town of mongolia bordering with China, Free time, Stay in local motel


Day 15: Departure day
Breakfast, Check-out at the hotel before 12.00 noon, Blue Mongolia Tour guide and driver will see you at the hotel lobby and Make a Transfer to the border station at Zamiin Uud town, Departure


The tour itinerary is subject to be changed at the traveler's request and requirements.



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Please, Note:
1. The maximum weight of loaded luggage for domestic flight and vehicle is 10 kg, hand luggage 5 kg. For overweight, each kg will be charged in 1.5USD. Extra luggage can be stored free at hotels in Ulaanbaatar.
2. Hotels in Ulaanbaatar city reserved on double occupancy, and in countryside all Ger styled tourist camps are based on triple or 4 occupancy.
3. Check-in at hotels is at 12:00m/Check-out at hotels is at 12:00m.


!!! Tour itinerary and price may be subject to change. The duration of the above trip can be prolonged or changed to suit your needs. Please, make your reservations at your earliest convenience.