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The tour was awesome. I couldn;t be asked for better. Awesome tour. guide who was knowledgeable about all the tour sites. Driver was very friendly and warming. The city tour was great especially the cultural performance. I would recommend Blue Mongolia to all.

~ Kou Yang, USA

What to see in Mongolia? Top 10 things

Blog | published: 2018-06-18

What to see in Mongolia? Top 10 things by Blue Mongolia agency.

  1. Nomads and nomadic lifestyle

It is worth to visit to nomad family and explore the nomadic lifestyle. Round shaped felt covering Ger dwelling is their house and the all family stay there together in one room. Kitchen, bedrooms, living room, dining rooms are all together. The Nomad hostess will cook in the stove as burning animals’ dropping and sewing clothes and so on… The Nomad host is taking care for the animals and horses. Children are playing around you and looking at you with much of curiosity. The evening is the full of activities and much fun as catching animals to milk them and separating the baby animals and mother animals. The true life of nomads in central Asia can be seen here in authenticity. 100 years or 1000 years later this tourism attraction will be kept as golden heritage of Mongolia.

  1. Gobi desert

It is dry landscape with many diversities: one valley is with sand dunes, one valley is full of flaming cliffs, one valley is with rocky hills, one valley is oasis, one valley is just vast steppe, one valley is nothing except mirage, one valley is full of gazelles and wild camels and so on… The real extraordinary place of gobi is keeping lots of interesting and unique things: hundreds of cemeteries of dinosaurs, which were living 120-65 millions years ago, more than 18000 tracks of dinosaurs, which are different in sizes from 5 sm big in diameter up to 1m big. You can not see many of these tracks and fossils anywhere around the world. Big herds of camels on vast steppe pasturing in real tranquility and lizards are running around your feet and the big sun is shining above your head.   

  1. The landscape of vast steppe

In Mongolia everywhere you can see the real nature, which means it is not developed and planted by human hands. Even the national parks view is wild. No any trees were planted and no any rocks are set up or carved there. When you drive in the endless vast steppe and green valleys in Mongolia, you will observe that the land is so big and sky is so big, too. You will have feeling and sense on the size of our earth and distinguish the interesting landscapes without so many trees, some strange red rocks, which will make you feel that you are on the Mars, some unknown granite giant rocks, which looks like put by a giant human overlapped once upon a time. Suddenly you can arrive in steep cliff, which looks like the ancient ocean bottom area. The Real wild life and nature view in Mongolia tells you the our earth’s nature stories.   

  1. Folklore concert

Blue Mongolia agency recommends you to enjoy Mongolian Folklore concert in theatre in Ulaanbaatar city. The music culture and sense of art and music of Mongols are amazing and many of Mongolians have very good genes of singing and dancing. We have 5 unique performances, which is registered under the name of UNESCO’s Cultural heritage: Prolonged song, throat singing, Morin Khuur – horse fiddle string violin, contortion act and flute blocked breath. Prolonged song’s meaning is very philosophical and it is kind of teaching message from our ancestor to young generation what we can do and what we can not do. The troat singing is the most lovely and extraordinary. When you hear it, you don’t believe it is a just a throat of the man. Mongolian respected animal horse is implemented on the music instrument of the folk and the strings are made of horse tail hair. The Morin khuur music instrument is dedicated to play all types of music including folk, classic, jazz and modern tones. Contortion acts make shocked people as it’s impossible springiness.  


  1. Wild horses, wild camels and gobi bear, wild animals

If you like animals and wildlife, specially, you want to observe the endangered species of animals in its wild life, we recommend you to visit Mongolia. We have wild horses, wild camels, wild mountain goats, wild mountain sheeps, gobi desert bear, wild asses, wild gazelles, mountain deers, wild cats- pallas cats, snow leopards, wolves, foxes, lynxes, many type of birds such as steppe eagles, giant vultures, falcons, cranes and so on… Mongolia is the home of wild life and wild animals because there are not so many people and big territory for un-urbanized areas. You can drive in countryside and then everywhere you can have tent camping to explore and observe the wild life. If you want to be accompanied or guided by the special biologists, it is possible for us to arrange. If you are a cat lover, we will recommend you to observe the wild cat- Pallas cat during your travel.       

  1. Rock paintings galleries in nature

Do you want to see the ancient art gallery in wild nature? If yes, visit to Mongolia!  There are some mountains and river cliffs, which is keeping the fine art works of ancient people dated to back 8000-1000 years ago. One of the best and easy reaching location is Del Mt and it is full of rock paintings and ancient burial mounds with strange figures and symbols. There are more than 3000 rock paintings as depicting gazelles, hunters, wolves, elephants, camels, horses, men and some unknown symbols and animals figures. There is nothing, which is compared to this unique place, in the world. All around Mongolia, there are rock paintings and you can see it during your trip.   

  1. Tepee’s lifestyle

There is a Darkhad depression in north part of Mongolia. There Tepee people – Tsaatan ethnic group of people living there as in its ancient forest lifestyle. There are app 2000 people and they live in tents like native american Indians as taking care for the herds of reindeers. They believe in shamanism and can survive in severe climate of -45C degrees temperature in winter time. Their culture is kept very well until today and if you want you can hear their singing strange & ancient-like voices.

  1. Shamanism

Siberia and Mongolia is home of ancient belief shamanism. The basic philosophy is that life is man, sky and earth. So we should respect, study, pray the sky, the earth and the man. The reply of shamanism to Who is the god is that sky, earth and man are gods. Sky can create the universe, the earth can create a life, man create somethings unusual. Sky can destroy the universe, the earth can destroy a life in it, the man can destroy somethings, if they want. So a man should live in harmony with sky and earth. We should not make any harmful things to sky and earth.  

  1. Khara Khorum Site – Metropolitan city valley

If you are interested in history, we will recommend you to visit to Orkhon valley and Khara Khorum Site. Here you will see the vast valley and hear the stories of ancient cities. Today there is only a few monuments and archealogical site on ruins of ancient buildings, temples, and palaces. The valley was the cradle land of Mongols for many centuries: Khara capital city Ruins from Huns Empire – 250BC-100AD, Tureg Empire -540-760A.D and Khara Khorum site from Mongolian Empire founded by Chinggis Khan. The Khara Khorum capital city was on the way of Silk trade road from present Beijing to present Rome. The Capital was keeping lots of different religious places and no any single jail. The King Place had 600 musicians orkester.  

  1. Blue Sky & Stars

Mongolian average altitude is 1580m above sea level and 300 days in year it is sunny. You will have a much chance to enjoy the beautiful blue sky and shining stars in the nights. Your guide will tell you about the ancient Mongols’ knowledge about the sky and stars. You will hear the lovely stories about stars and their influences on man’s body, when you are laying in your sleeping bag in open nature. Mongols built more than 30 observatories in 13 centuries - Great Mongolian Empire period.      


These top 10 things to see is picked by Blue Mongolia Tour agency's managers.



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