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No complaints, two couples enjoyed the trip. Horseback riding was wonderfull. Very cool service! We will recommend Blue Mongolia to our friends.

~ Catherine and Susan, UK

Why You Should Travel Mongolia?

Blog | published: 2020-04-07

A story about our client is written here to show why you should travel in Mongolia.

If travel to Mongolia has never been already on your radar or in your travel list, it should be there. Here’s explanations about why, and as well as there are my recommendations for things to do and see in Mongolia on a very short trip.

The story begins so... as she said to me:

Travelling Mongolia and Touring Mongolia all around isn’t really on the average western or American tourist’s radar, but since 2012 ,when I was visiting to Asia and China and Hong Kong, which is super close by but is at least in the same hemisphere, planning a visit there was always in the back of my mind.

However, I was traveling around other Asian countries in with the first lovely choices for my miracle of travels  after  4 years, and travels to Siberian nearly regions in China, I still hadn’t made it to Mongolia. Why, because it was not cheap and not easy, not so much impressive with the name and not so much close to Mongolia. It means I did not have any information about traveling in Mongolia.  Maybe, on the other side  I did not have any friends, who visited to Mongolia and shared their experiences and adventures with me. That is why I kept getting put on the backburner, while I flitted around to places in other Asian countries…

Finally, I decided to travel Mongolia, but in very short duration, which was meant to me just enough… ha ha, So big country and so much things, But I decided to travel just in 5 days. I went to Mongolia for 5 days in July for Naadam days. I just dared to travel alone as solo and if there are unknown or unexpected things are happened, only I can make decision for my own self. And you know what? It was my aware and on the other side it was the only 1 week duration of short vacation for me. But before I get into what I did, here are a few quick real facts about Mongolia: It is about what things are waiting for you in Mongolia?

  • Very blue sky and sunny days are waiting for you. If it rains for just half day or 1-2 hours rain, then stops and the sun smiles at you.
  • Mongols’ most super festival is waiting for you. But without masks and paints. Nice dressed heavy guys and fancy locals show you their horseracing shows.
  • I like meat, So the Mongolian luxury cuisines are waiting for me.
  • You can imagine that you will survive and stay overnight in ger for several nights. Ger is portable dwelling with round shape and covered with animal skins or felt to retain heat. I did not expect I will sleep in a house covered with fabrics or felt. You know the construction material for dwellings…. Wood and so on.. but it made so different feeling
  • Then last thing, which is waiting for you is the horse or camel milk. When I am traveling all around the world, I always trying the local drinks and beer or wine. But this time instead of wine, you will have a fermented milk of horse or camel! If you are ready to give up in milk drinks, you have more choices… that is local wine made of sea-buckthorn juice and other berries….

Here’s a story of what our client did during the tour in Mongolia.

Did you know that Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar is the modern city with so many luxurious hotels and with so many different nations’ restaurants in the world? It was very hottest days more than 38C degrees in outside, But it was comfortable in nice furnished room in Shangrila Hotel with 5 stars. The journey started from there, and this was the view from my hotel room, the green rolling hills and kids’ playing ground …

Most of people wrote in travel blogs and their comments that Ulaanbaatar doesn’t have loads of must-sees or things to do from a tourist perspective. But indeed if you carefully listen to your guide and the tour program, there are some interesting things, which you could not discover in other places all around the world. That is the folklore concert and you will be so much impressed with the art performances!

Then he spent a half of his day in the city walking around and taking photos. For a night he was in town and he ate at the restaurant on the second floor of the hotel, he said it was a very good and easy for him. While we recommend visiting Ulaanbaatar and have a free haff day on your own selves. It’s highly likely to be your first point of entry into the country anyway, especially if you arrive by plane.

Next morning the tour guide and driver picked up him at the hotel lobby. We went into the Mongolian steppe in east direction of Ulaanbaatar, as heading to Terelj National Park and to visit to a Mongolian sheep herder family and got to sleep in a ger.   

It was an epic experience that took him through two of the country’s major attractions: Steppe and Mountains of Gorki-Terelj National Park. He was so much admired and shocked that he did not expect the 4-5 flower ger rooming service at the ger tourist camp in the field of picturesque national parks. He had everythings in this national parks including wi-fi, electricity, modern toilets and nice hot/cold showers, fancy bars with Mongolian beers and even coffee shops… He did not believe that he has everything in wild nature, it means the countryside region, where are so many nomads and local people. But in the morning he could not sleep until 9oclock, because the nomads cows were mooing and horses are kneighing and their sounds in eco is heard enough loudly to make him awaken. He was expecting to feel cold in the night time, but he did not and sleep like a kid in deep sleep.

Our tour company was great with what he ordered. Not only did we arrange everything with the families, we also provided transportation from Ulaanbaatar to the steppe and back.  He was pleased to have a local guide and a driver in every step of the way– they not only explained everything about Mongolia’s unique culture, nature, and history, but also served as friends.

But more about the nomadic families.  They welcome travelers into their homes, despite speaking zero English and being unable to communicate. This is so amazing to tourists. The Nomad family members try to communicate with tourists and they couldn’t talk to each other without the aid a translator. But tourists feel their sincerity, simplicity, and kindness brought a nice smile and kindness to traveler’s heart.

Next morning our client visited to the Genghis Khan Statue Complex– the largest horse statue in the world. Whether you call him Genghis Khan or Chinggis Khaan, there’s no disputing he is an integral part of Mongolian history.  Genghis is the founder and emperor of the Mongolian empire, so you’re guaranteed to see his name and likeness throughout the country.  It was thus no surprise that on the third day of my tour, we made a stop at the Genghis Khan Statue Complex, only located about an hour outside of Ulaanbaatar. The complex is mainly built around a massive monument memorializing the mighty warrior atop his trademark horse– a random fact is that it’s actually the biggest equestrian statue in the world at over 130 feet high! Even more random is that the complex also houses one of the biggest boots in the world– it’s composed of over 300 cowhides!

Yes, you should go to Mongolia, even for short trip!

So, in a nutshell, if you are interested in escaping to a less touristy destination that has loads of nature, quiet, culture, and wide open spaces where there are more animals than people, Mongolia is definitely the place for you.                    



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