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No complaints, two couples enjoyed the trip. Horseback riding was wonderfull. Very cool service! We will recommend Blue Mongolia to our friends.

~ Catherine and Susan, UK


Blog | published: 2020-06-02

Here we will present you the reasons you can choose Blue Mongolia travel agency as your tarvel expert in Mongolia. 

  1. Blue Mongolia team is professional

The tour arrangement department is consisted of professional managers and tour guides, who have experiences up to 28 years. The Tour guides have experiences at least of 5 years of guiding in every corner of Mongolia. They will present you the rich culture, heritage and history of Mongols as telling the unbelievable stories and as showing you amazing real facts. You will be provided with kindest insights into the lifestyle of Mongolian horse herders and sheepherders.       

  1. Blue Mongolia team is knowledgeable

The tour department staff and tour guides are knowledgeable team. We have a history team, lead by Mr.Ogie, who know the Mongolian history and world history very well. There are Gobi team, which is very qualified in paleontology, and they are very knowledgeable with ancient animals and plants, such as dinosaurs, pterosaurs and pleisosaurs and ancient botany. We have a special tour guides for wildlife photographers and bird lovers. They know about the nature and ecology very well and they will help you to be very close to wild nature in Mongolia. The culture team is leaded by Baagiue, who has more than 25 years of experience. They will arrange special cultural tours such as Buddhism tour, shamanism tour, nomad homestay and horse culture tours and so on….

  1. Blue Mongolia team is Authentic Tenacious

The travel team is determined to reach it’s goal during the travel. The main goals are the satisfaction of tourist clients, the exploration of this country, the main sub-target: enjoy with the wildlife, culture discovery, or man meeting or a to be provided with the active adventures, which make lots of adrenalines and much fun. The travel team works very hard to complete the travel goals and if possible to brings the over-enjoy to the clients.

  1. Blue Mongolia’s travel is unforgettable   

Mongolian travel with Blue Mongolia team will leave you the nice and unforgettable memory including the long hours drive in empty vast steppes, meeting and talking with interesting people of nomadic families, the small horses and their trekking, big blue sky,  the tasty meals with lots of meat, stucking in the mud during the drive, the shining contrast of the Mongols’ festivals, the taste of their lovely drink – horse milk, and so on…

  1. Blue Mongolia Tours are adventurous    

Tour guides will immerse you into much fun and adventures. You will have exciting activities such as horseback riding in green meadows, camel rides on the sand dunes, bird watching in crystal clear lakes, meeting a horseman in the empty field during your picnic lunch and so on… The nice activities will be held at the backdrop of breathtaking scenery of wild nature and at the kindness of organizing team. Our all travels will be organized with much fun and adventures, also there is a safety as a priority for our customers- adventure trip holders.

  1. Blue Mongolia Team is friendly

The name card of Mongolian Tourism and the name card of Mongolian horseman is the hospitality. The nomads’ gers- houses are not locked and it always welcomes the visitors. So the Blue Mongolia Tour team is hospitable and we will be your travel expert in one hand, in another hand we will be your travel friend.  




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