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No complaints, two couples enjoyed the trip. Horseback riding was wonderfull. Very cool service! We will recommend Blue Mongolia to our friends.

~ Catherine and Susan, UK


Blog | published: 2018-07-18


Mongolia is an amazing & unique country with both of nomadic civilization and urbanized civilizations. It is fantastic country to travel around in, due to its extraordinary natural landscapes and total otherworldliness. In Ulaanbaatar, you’ll find that the city stands poised on the edge between oriental and western: european-style restaurants with steaks, vegetable salads next to traditional Mongolian restaurants selling dumplings and soups, barbeques…  . People in Ulaanbaatar wearing jeans and t-shirts, some are wearing classic traditional gourmet deel…. Taxi drivers listening to western styled musics and  they watch traditional wrestling sport tournament on TV…

Blue Mongolia Travel agency renames the TOP 15 THINGS TO DO IN MONGOLIA in series of narration.


In other countries during your travel you will not have chance or allowance to visit to local family and talk and try some meals in their house. But in Mongolia local people, specially, in countryside nomad people are very hospitable and they will not say you go away or they will not ask you why you are going to visit to us. Visiting to each other and talking and asking questions about their animals such as horses and camels were running to which direction, serving the guests with food and drinks, trying to help visitors, this characters of thoughtfulness and carefullness are appearences of the nomadic lifestyle. That is why Mongolian travel agencies’ tour services include visits to nomad family.

But what kind of family you want to visit? It depends on your interests. There are nomads: sheepherders, goat-herders, camel-breeders in gobi desert regions, horse-breeder family, cow herders, yak herders in mountainous area and reindeer herders in north part of Mongolia. Before Visiting to nomad family, we advice you to prepare for visiting: buy small gifts for nomad kid: candies, biscuits, balloon, or toys or stickers or pens and so on…, small souvenirs or gifts for the nomad lady: small souvenir from your country or soap or kitchen towel or somethings…, small gift for the nomad man: cigarette lighter, fancy match, small notebook, pen, or pairs of battery and so on..

You should know that nomadic civilization is keeping completely different culture and habits than western culture. The Man is first for any evidences and activities. So Men tourist will visit to nomad family first, then ladies will enter into ger.  When you visit to nomad family, if you are a man you need to keep going in your left side and sit in left side of the ger. If you are lady, you will go to the right side of the ger and sit in right side. The ger sides are yin and yan energy, so everything should be in male and female energy. That is why Mongolian man’s archery or gun or horse bridle and horse staffs are kept in left side (west direction) of the ger. The Mongolian lady’s staff are kept in right side (east direction) of the ger. Of course, when you are entering and visiting to nomad family ger, you need to say SAIN BAINA UU – hello in english.

When you sit in the ger, the host can greet you with snuff box in traditional way or shaking hands in western style. Both are fine. If you are offered with the snuff box, you need to hand this box with 2 hands and open the box lid little bit and smell from the snuff plants herb powders and give it back to the host. Then you can say your name and from which country you are came from and mention your travel purpose and so on… The Hostess will serve you with some drinks and traditional snacks: tea with milk, or airag – mare’s fermented milk, which is traditional drink for mongols, or cheese, curds or pancakes… Please, Don’t refuse directly, if you don’t like or digest the milk products very well. We advised you to accept the bowl or cup of drinks and put it in the table back after 2-5 minutes later. After talking with nomad people about their life condition in summer location or rain and weather condition and their confort in summer location, then your tour guide will ask for the permission for taking pictures. When you are allowed to picture, please, take photos of the nomad ger and nomad kids and their animals outside, too. When you are visiting in the nomad family, don’t walk inside ger so much and specially, between 2 columns and Please, don’t touch the furniture in the nomad ger. We suggest you don’t touch the nomad man or nomad lady body, specially shoulders, back and head. If you are making really good friend just hold hands or shake hands, when you leave. To touch someone’s shoulders, back and head is very impolite in Mongolian tradition.

When you are going to leave, it is time to give your small gifts to the nomads and say goodbye. According to Mongolian tradition, Mongols always say goodbye and have a nice trip outside of the ger. They never say it inside of the ger. One of the nomad family will go with you together to your car or jeep and then he/she will say goodbye.                 

Narrated by managers of Blue Mongolia Tour LLC



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