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No complaints, two couples enjoyed the trip. Horseback riding was wonderfull. Very cool service! We will recommend Blue Mongolia to our friends.

~ Catherine and Susan, UK


Blog | published: 2019-02-18


Blue Mongolia Tour agency names the one of the unique things to do in Mongolia is to listen to a tour guide’s talking about Mongolian nation pride man - Chinggis Khan.

Mongolian nation pride man is Chinggis Khan. Mongolian nation pride animal is a Horse. Mongolian nation pride plant is Scabiosa.

Every Mongolian man is proud with Mongolian history and Chinggis Khan. Chinggis Khan is a Mongolian nation hero, great military man and great king in the world. Your tour guide will speak to you systematically and logically the history and real life of 13 century. Indeed, His real name is Temuujin in childhood. Who gave him Chinggis? What does it mean? Why his name is now written in world history books as Genggis Khan? So many questions are in lists… well, let’s reply in last reply Why his is called as Genggis Khan instead of Chinggis Khan. Mongolian army conquered to Persian and Arabian countries, in Arabian language there is no sound Ch, instead of “ch” pitch they called “jingis” and their information reached to Roman empire. Romanians speak and write in latin language and it has g letter as sounded “ge”. So his name is now written as Genggis Khan in world history books.

Chinggis Khan was a great leader and Great King. In histories of many countries and in biographies of well-known great people, there is at least 1 betrayer and he made big trouble and big problem. But for Chinggis Khan, he did not have any betrayer. None of his wives, his generals, sons, cavalries, daughters, friends, daughter-in-law, son in-law betrayed from him. All of them supported him and assisted his thoughts, plan and decisions. He was respected in absolute high level and appreciated by every citizen of Mongolian empire. Only he can be great leader, who acknowledged by all Mongols and other people from other countries. Chinggis Khan and His sons could found and rule a largest contiguous empire in human history.  The Empire east border is to Pacific ocean and west border was Syria, Poland and Austria, the south border was Vietnam and north border was Siberia, in total of 12 million square miles of territory including present 40 countries.              

Chinggis Khan was a great military general and warlord. In 13 century the Mongolian population was only 1.5 million and all of them are nomads. Chinggis Khan had only 450 thousand soldiers and 1.5 million horses in maximum from this population. That time, the china’s population was 50 million, Persia and Arabian population was around 20 million. They had much more soldiers and much power of man. Chinggis Khan and his generals could build up the perfect military army with military technics and strategies. Mongolian cavalry army had smart generals, strong tough soldiers, millions of genetically selected war horses, extraordinary spies, hundreds of initiative and productive military engineers, the best logistics team and wise advisors. Chinggis Khan allowed his generals to make decisions on their own when they embarked on campaigns far from the Mongol Empire capital- Khara Khorum. While granting his generals a great deal of autonomy in making command decisions, Genghis Khan also expected unwavering loyalty from them. In other words, the Chinggis Khan and his generals could build up a unique army, which was full of masters to conquer. What arms did Mongolian military engineers initiate? What strategies did they use? How they prepared for the war? What was the reason for the war? All these questions will be replied by your tour guide.

Chinggis Khan was a Smart Leader. Chinggis khan did a great works for human freedom. Chinggis Khan and his wise advisors initiated the Great Yasa law. According to this great law, many people will have a freedom and the Mongolian empire society was get rid of crimes. He forbade the selling and kidnapping of women, banned the enslavement of any Mongol and made livestock theft punishable by death. Any nation person could have a full right and freedom to believe in his own religion. Chinggis khan himself was a blue sky worshipper and respecter, but he was religiously tolerant and interested in learning philosophical and moral lessons from other religions. He considered that all religions are the same and some religions are useful for happiness, good formation of character and moral sustainability of some nations and some ethnics. He considered that the most silly people instigated a war based on religions and belief differences, and to push someone to believe in his own religion is the most silly evidence, to declare that his own religion is the best and super is a crazy thing. Besides the religion, he could do a great work for the world economic condition. Chinggis Khan paid more attention on world trade operation and made the Silk road as free of bandits and robbers. No any crime was happened during rule of Mongols, so single teenage boy could travel on silk road with a sack of gold coin. The Europe and Asian countries tradesmen traveled along silk road and world had started a new approach on economics.           

Chinggis Khan did a great job for adoption of writing system, postal system, taxation system, foreign affairs and diplomatic immunity system, retire system, nature and environment protection system and so on.. That is why Washington Post newspaper named Chinggis Khan as a second millennium man in the world. The conclusion to name him is that Chinggis Khan did a great impossible things. He really did the great things, which was not made by someone until today.   

when you are traveling in Mongolia, in long hours inside the vehicles it is better to listen about Mongolian nation hero and his deeds, and how other people talk and estimate that person... The talking topic will be very interesting and your idea is welcome during the travel. Your tour guides will be happy to talk about Mongolian nation pride man and your nation pride man. It would be much efforts into history knowledge change.

Narrated by Blue Mongolia Tour team. 




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