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The tour was awesome. I couldn;t be asked for better. Awesome tour. guide who was knowledgeable about all the tour sites. Driver was very friendly and warming. The city tour was great especially the cultural performance. I would recommend Blue Mongolia to all.

~ Kou Yang, USA


Blog | published: 2018-12-04


Blue Mongolia Tour agency wants to tell you: Visit Mongolia, Ride a Horse, Love Horses.

Mongolia and Mongols can’t be described without horse and cavalry in it’s the history. Horses play a big role in a daily and national life of the Mongols, and there is a Mongolian quotation that A Mongol without a horse is like a bird without the wings. Mongolians are famous for their horses and kids’ horse riding ability. Horses are worshipped and respected by steppe nomads as its spiritual power and it is a part of Mongolian State symbol. Riding horses across the expansive, unoccupied Mongolian countryside is a real treat and lifetime fun and peace feeling.

Today in Mongolia we have 2 different species of horses: wild horses or Przevalskii horse and domesticated horses. Only the wind can ride the wild horses. So it is clear that you and a tourist will ride a domesticated horse. Mongolia is a big country by it’s territory, but in any part of Mongolia you will have a chance to ride horses. You can ride in vast steppe, green valleys, flowered meadows, along the crystal rivers, near by emerald green lake, in rocky hills, next to sand dunes and so on… Mongolian horses tend to be small, but they are strong, fast and flexible and be good friend of nomad man. So the rider should not be too heavy, it means no more than 110 kg-s.

We- Blue Mongolia Tour manager and guide will not push you to ride too long hours or too short duration. How long will ride it is up to you. The normal ride for beginners continues for an hour. The next day it can continue for a half of the day and for the next day for a full day. If a tourist has already the experience to ride horses, they can ride 2-3 hours on the first day and next days they can go for a horseback riding day tours.  

Should you choose to undertake a horseback riding adventure around the countryside, you’ll definitely have a local horse guide. Local horse guide can also help you to ride on and get off a horse. The local guide will teach you how to lead your horse, as well as he will help you to appreciate the riding horse’s behavior and how to communicate with him. In every evening and morning the local guide will water and release horses into the high grass field to be pastured.   

Tourists will have specific tailor made comfortable saddle with western style. The saddle will have short stirrups and a rider will stands on these stirrups while trotting and cantering. A rider will hold a rein in his one hand, and he gives a command or signal of changing direction to a horse by applying the bit ring on the cheek of the horse.     

When you are riding a horse in Mongolia, please, always keep in mind the specificities of horse life: your horse lives free and wild in the steppe about 10 months in year. Only in tourism season, he is busy to be used. 

Consequently, here are some guidelines to keep in mind for horse ride:

  • Always approach your horse very carefully, do not make him in panic or afraid of you. It means that Do not make sudden movements, ask the local guide to stop and get down to dress or undress.
  • Do not lean forward because the horses often do large head movements up to get rid of small flies that bite the inside of their nostrils and ears.
  • During the galloping and trotting, Please, try to stand on your stirrups as much as possible.
  • Just say “Tchou” to give a command let’s go.
  • Just pull your reign to yourself to give a command to stop.



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