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It was wonderful experience. we had some bad weather, but it gave me the opportunity to spend more time with nomad family and it was a very enriching time. Our guide Tuvshee was joyful and friendly and most importantly a very good cook (in extreme conditions) during tent camping. We want to come back and we will buy a ger to put in our garden!

~ Anais Julienne & Bernardo Montufar, France

What Are The Mistakes During The Plan To Travel In Mongolia?

Blog | published: 2020-04-21

Planning activities in advance boosts happiness even before your trip in Mongolia. The peak of enjoyment actually comes before a vacation in anticipation of the vacation, says Sarangerel, the german speaking manager in the Tour Department of Blue Mongolia Tour agency. Planning in advance by reading travel hints and travel blogs, books of history, books about the culture…brings your vacation into your regular life. The more you know before you depart, the better you travel and more pleasure you will have.

Below are the list of 9 things, which help you to avoid from big mistakes for the planning to travel in Mongolia.

  1. Buy your tour from Travel Agency and with a Tour guide.

Only travel agency managers know the best of the country and they can offer you the best options of the tour program based on your interest and requirements. Just you need to tell them what you want to see, one of the different landscapes: mountains, desert, steppe or lakes… what kinds of animals you want to prefer to see: horses, cows, camels, yaks, sheep, goats… and what kind of activities you can enjoy with horseback riding, trekking, museum exploring, visiting families or cycling or dining & tasting…. . Organized tour will save your life and it gives you real effort much more than you expected.

Travel agency will provide you with reliable services: good drivers, professional tour guide, best restaurants, the cool meeting with nomad families. In Mongolia, the big territory and most areas are open and wild and very less habituated. In the winter time it is very severe and unexpected weather condition, it is easy to loose the way. So

If you have a good drivers who knows the ways and places, you will drive the easily as saving the time and not lost in the big steppe. Tour company’s best drivers know where are the most lovely rock paintings, where you can see the lovely views and to take the photos, where are the best refreshing travel spots with modern toilets, where is the dangerous place during the rain, where is the most safe driving road during the winter time. The good drivers know how to save the time as avoiding stucking in the mud, how to have the safe crossing in the river, how to have the driving onto the high mountains peaks, how to arrange their vehicle supply for the desert sandy road and mountains rocky roads and you will have the big effort from their professional ability in order to travel without stress and enjoy the best locations for photographing and exploring.

If you have a professional tour guide, your travel satisfaction is 1000% more than traveling without a tour guide. Tour guide will give the best understanding of this country and the unique culture. If you travel without tour guide, you will have completely different view as usual as you have an everyday in urbanized civilization. The tour guide will give you a chance to see through a completely different window with different psychological expectations onto Mongolian culture and it makes you more fun to compare the Asian culture and urbanization in western countries. The more knowledgeable guides will speak about the wildlife, horse herders’ lifestyle, history of Chinggis Khan army and his best generals, about the what exists in Mongolia, and what are not existing in other countries. Good tour guides will help you arrange your special meals, if you have a food restrictions: allergies, glutein-free, diabet free and avoiding from un-comfort during the drive in car and so on…

If you choose the travel agency’s service, you will be served with the high quality and nice tasted meals in best restaurants. You will try 5 types of Mongolia brand meals, which are cooked only due to special tourist menu and at the travel agency’s orders: Mongolian lamb barbeque cooked with stones, Mongolian grilling, air-tightly cooked beef ribcages with Mongolian fruit juices, Mongolian set of lamb dumplings and beef cheburek- khuushuur and Mongolian wild berry tasted juices and wines….

Look up recommended restaurants, public transportation, sights, and activities in offers of travel agencies and some blogs of travelers, who completed their travel in Mongolia. By planning in advance, you’ll feel more prepared for your trip and avoid disappointments—like missing out on a big steppe or open nature. And make sure you don’t fall for some travel tips that are no longer true and that are to save your budget. You should have your own travel expert and travel escort for your comfort, safety, fun, intelligence and friendship.   

  1. Plan as you have a free days for your own fun

Scheduling every hour of every day is simply exhausting and stressful. Unplanned events like delayed flights, stucking in the mud, or too much rain blocking the main pass, these kinds of things push you to accept or re-designed or shortened tours and they are part of the reality of vacation. So we advice you to plan 1-2-3 free days in city for your own to have rest and refresh and indulge in city busy noisy life. If you are arriving from USA or American continent, we recommend you to have 1 free day after arriving to avoid from jetlag un-comfort. After arriving with flight from gobi desert or long days continueing drive in the countryside region with more than 1000 km, Blue Mongolia Tour staff advice you to have at least 1 free day in city and feel free and feel restful. Driving in Mongolia for long and far km routes, transferring from one magnetic area to another energetic area makes people tired and unhappy. Please, Try to plan your vacation as without rushing from activity to activity, from one fun to another fun, from one place to another place. You should be able to do whatever you feel like at least in a day during your trip.        

If you don’t have room in your itinerary for these moments—and simply ones to just breathe, relax, and take in your surroundings—then you’ll likely face frustration, panic, and stress. Not having a jam-packed schedule will also allow you to stop rushing around as usual. 

  1. Useful Light Packing

By packing lightly, you free yourself of the excess troubles caused by traveling with too much luggage: getting to and from the airport, checking into your hotel, and waiting endlessly at baggage claim. To lessen your load, make a list and stick with it. Leave behind unnecessary items like a blow-dryer and those high heels you’ve yet to wear. Instead, pack your favorite shoes that you can wear day and night in countryside and in even in city street and select clothes that are warm, comfortable and washable. Blue Mongolia Tour also cautions to pack your luggage up to 15 kg-s, if you are going to use the domestic flights inside Mongolian territory. Tour agency managers warns you against the danger of carrying too much of jewelries and un-comfort of very stylish open dresses because of the severe and chilly climate conditions.

  1. Prepare yourself psychologically

If you panic when something goes wrong, like missing a flight, or delayed flights, you bring unnecessary stress into your vacation. In these unanticipated mishaps, your tour guide and driver in the travel team will help you to remember the travel agency’s psychological preparation files. But, you should carefully read the psychological preparation files in the airplane before landing in Mongolia one time and give yourself the signal “I am optimistic in any major force condition”.   

You may be go with the flow as planned before, however you need to think that it as an adventure, because often the mishaps and the things that go wrong actually become either humorous in your memory bank or the best thing that happened on the whole vacation. If you recognize that you might not be in control of the situation, take a step back, and calm down, be it by breathing deeply, practicing mindfulness, or grabbing a beer at the airport bar.

Blue Mongolia’s travel experts warns you loose your very high expectation of that it will be the best trip ever. Severe harsh climate, open wild nature, everyday rain, week infrastructure, the complete different culture zone, any thing can influence in your vacation in Mongolia. So Traveling with an open mind to the adventures and experiences that await you will free of vacation stress.

  1. Travel with your Family Members & Get in sync with your travel campanions

Most of travel managers and tour guides observe that 30-40% of total travelers have a problem with choosing their travel campanions. If you make a mistake on choice and decision of your travel partner for 2 weeks trips and more longer trips.., it is an awful and terrible feeling, not so nice feeling in your friendship. We recommend you to Travel with Your Family Members, or travel with your boyfriend or girlfriend in order to know them more well, or Travel with your best best childhood friends, who have the same interest and similar fun & activities.     

If you are going to travel with one of your friends, It’s important to have a conversation with both yourself and your travel partner(s) about what each of you wants to achieve from the vacation. Maybe you want to have a photographing getaway when your friend wants to pursue outdoorsy adventures like riding or trekking. Communicating about your travel goals will help you avoid the awkward, stress-inducing situation when you realize that you and your fellow traveler(s) have different vacation intentions. 

Please, Avoid to decide to make public funds between you. You should agreed that everybody in the travel team will be responsible for their own expenses during the travel and druing the major force conditions. The travel idea maker, or travel arranging person, or travel contractor behalf of the travel team will not be the responsible for big expense alone. Your travel campanions and travel team should have a smart solution how to regulate vacation problems.     

  1. Plan some free hours for your usual habits

If you’re a habitual exerciser, keep up with your physical activity on vacation. This, however, doesn’t mean you still need to go to the gym in countryside of Mongolia. Just you can check the breakfast and dinner time with your tour guide and arrange the short walking or running near the tourist ger camps or in a city streets. If you read everyday and write your diary everyday, you can have some of free private hours after dinner instead of accompanying a bon fire or night gatherings…   

  1. Your health and your hygiene pack are ready for the vacation

Mongolia is too dry and very sunny, and as well as an unexpected weather comes into the vast steppe of Mongolia and low rolling hills. Sometimes you need to walk 100 meters long away from car parking area into the dining table or museum hall, so you need to have good strong health to endure the dry sunny days and some little bit active funs.    

  1. Plan your time for social or work areas & Not To be Tethered with Your Device

Vacation is a vacation. Vacation in Mongolia is the Time to Explore New Things and The Different Culture in nomads’ vast steppe area. You don’t need trade your desk for a lounge chair and working remotely from the Mongolian countryside. 2% of young male tourists are always dependent of their phones and they talk their business and work on the phone as making him separate from the travel team. If you come to Mongolia to travel and explore the country, just do it and please, Don’t be involved in our business duty and don’t talk on the phone very often.   

Completely disconnecting on vacation can really make for a stress-free, rejuvenating trip. But for some young people, engaging with electric devices and reconnect with your work or friend environment during the some activities: trekking, riding, dining and museum exploring. There are some people, who had knucklebone injuries during their walking as busy with looking at phones and instagrams and facebook. If you absolutely have to hanged on your devices and work desk, Check in once or twice a day before or after active activities & being together with tour guide and travel members.

  1. Book your international flight as early as possible

Mongolian tour companies recommend you to book the international return flights as early as possible. For most cases, ticket prices tend to rise as the departure date draws near, and there are no seats availabilities due to a few flights between Ulaanbaatar – Tokoy, Seoul, Moskow, Istanbul and Beijing. Waiting to book at the last minute can be an expensive gamble for the flights to/from Mongolia. Our recommendation is to buy your ticket 4-5 weeks ahead of a trip.

This recommodation is narrated by Blue Mongolia Tour agency




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