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The tour was awesome. I couldn;t be asked for better. Awesome tour. guide who was knowledgeable about all the tour sites. Driver was very friendly and warming. The city tour was great especially the cultural performance. I would recommend Blue Mongolia to all.

~ Kou Yang, USA


Blog | published: 2020-10-13

Our travel operating department members decided to narrate some details about the arrangement, procedure, and result of the spiritual tour, which is related to Buddhism and Shamanism. Below is the narration about the shamanism travel, which are held by Blue Mongolia tour team in Mongolia. 

In 2015 Blue Mongolia Tour agency’s marketing staff offered spiritual travel- SHAMANISM TRAVEL to our clients and travelers all over the world. Because when our tour guides introduce Mongolian culture, which is the main daily habits of steppe horse breeders and their tradition is tightly related to shamanism activities and philosophy of nature respect. Therefore, our tour staff considered the introductions of shamanism culture to travelers as a part of Mongolian travel products. This kind of spiritual trip is for clients, who try to understand the steppe sheep herders and horse breeders' life phylosophy. Untill today, this spiritual and cultural trip is organized as culture study travel in Mongolia.

Besides that, In last years, Mongolian traditional medical tourism based on shamanism and Buddhism is more represented to European, American and Asian travel markets. Some travelers, who have health problems related to unhealed decease such as psychological disorders: autism, neurological disorders, hormone changes, addiction of drug & vodka, and infertility, are traveling to Mongolia to ask for help them live healthy and happily. Besides that some numbers of teachers, research workers and students from anthropology departments and medical departments of Cambridge and Massachusetts universities are traveling to Mongolia to meet shaman and buddhist medical doctors for ancient healing methods for the body and soul of human being.

In last years we operated bunches of shamanism tours and tried to introduce the source and the reasons of the needs of this habit, for example, why this habit and rituals should be handled for the suffered people, and how the suffering people can be released from unlucky fates and can survive peacefully. Most of the people, especially, the researches and anthropoly department students are deeply interested in the result of the shaman ritual. Is it a fake? Is it a show? Is it real? How? Of Course, for ordinary people, it is interesting. But for the suffering people, the result is very very important. So, we invite some Mongolian people to meet with our clients and to talk to them what happened before accepting a ritual ceremony from shaman and what happened after the ritual and what are the big and small changes in their lives. Most of the people, who took the shaman rituals, they now live in peacefully and some of them can tell with much proud “I survived. I found myself”.

First of all, our tour operating staff will contact with travelers, who specially needs or who are interested in shaman ritual service. It means, what kind of service you are going to ask for yourself or for one of your family members. Some people have a problem with health, life partner, unluck or death. So in other side, some shamans are very good to deal with health issues, or children problems. But some shamans are the great with calling good luck, or closing the uncluck, or to be able to solve the problems around deaths. Then our culture tour manager will offer you the appropriate shaman man or woman, who can help you for as much as sure. Some of the young travelers are interested in their future life partner and they ask how to recognize them and where or when they can meet. In this case they don’t need the shaman, instead, they need a best fortune teller. Fortune teller and shamans ritual service is completely different and they can’t substitute each other.         

On 1st day of meeting shaman, the health condition of the client will be checked and shaman’s medical doctor ongod -holy spirit of doctor will tell you what is wrong and how it should be healed. If he wants or he can help you to be healed, then you can negotiate with her for 3-6 days healing service. If she can not or if she refuses to heal you because of big reason, it will be told to the client. If the client doesn’t need any ritual ceremony from shaman, he/she needs just small changes in their lives, they suggest them what to do. For example: if someone is living in one place for a long time more than 20-25 years, the health problem is appeared. So into which direction he/she needs to move, is going to bel told by shaman. Man is a complex of the 5 elements, which are fire, water, soil, wood and metal. If someone is living near the mountains for more than 20 years, that person is needed more water elements, so it is much better to move to near the water: on shore of the ocean or on bank of river and so on…   

If the shaman decides to heal the client, the healing trip dates are fixed, The healing trip dates are depending the health condition. It means if someone has a problem with liver, the healing best period is march-until end of may, if the problem is with hearth, it will be summer periods, if it is for lung and kidney, it is autumn days are the best period naturally. The seasons are directly connected with the health condition. If the problem with mental or nervious, head and brain, or genetic desease it can be treated anytime of the year. Also the moon shape is important for healing: moon is getting bigger or moon is getting thinner, this process influence on everybody’s health. Then the best timing for the healing will be fixed.

In some reasons, shamans may refuse to heal some people, who has serious reasons to be sick with that decease:  in last life or before this life that person or that person’s ancestors killed a man or animals with much tortures, killed someone in their home or hunted animals in their nest or winter place, did very bad things to parents, babies, birds as he/she wants. These activities are non-excuse-able things and that person should receive his fine/punishment as have a desease.

Some of the travelers and clients asked is it ok to visit to Buddhist temple or Christian church? It is completely ok. Shamanism is not religion, and it is not a belief. No one tries to believe in other gods and  client’s own belief is in safety. Shaman is a person, who is in kind of medical doctor, energy cleaner, fate fixer, problem solver or psycologist, who can help you. So you are free in mind and belief, you can go anywhere. 

Narrated by Blue Mongolia team    




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