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Mongolian Folklore Concert In Nature

Blog | published: 2020-03-14

Since 2019 Blue Mongolia tour agency marketing managers initiated and are keeping the special marketing policy on an introduction into Mongolian arts- specially singing and music performance in open nature. The policy is based on the nature and origin of Mongolian native art, that is it is inspired by nature in open air. Nature and mountains are the real amphi-theatre with real acoustic area. Blue Mongolia Tour agency’s managers offer the nature art shows in nature to small groups of travelers with up to 8-10 pax in a group.

The art and folklore show introduction is the best and ideal for the groups of active and adventure travel groups such as: hiking groups, horseback riding groups, safari tours and tent camping tours. Our travelers’ mostly liked performance is the music play on horse fiddle string and Mongolian long song and throat singing in open air, specially during the evening after dinner nearby the camp fire, the art introduction is the best timing and it makes the real un-forgetful memory with traveling in Mongolia.

Someone, a traveler, who is listening to Mongolian long song during his riding on the horseback and trekking in the vast green meadows and valleys, has a real feeling of nature and art and nomadic civilization and the real insight into Mongolian people’s feeling and entertainment. Even they can see the vast steppe and no limitless and no fenced areas, their ears are listening to no limitless, it means that all full tones soundings, and they are feeling the in-exhaustive power of Mongolian horses with roaring hoofs, they are smelling the strong and aromatic smelling of natural medical plants,  they are feeling the nice breeze on their chicks, all this feeling makes them free and feel the freedom and peace and tranquaility in a day.

In a autumn of 2019 we arranged a small concert for our hiking small group in Bogd Khan.Mt.National park. They did not expect the concert and it was surprise. Our contractor- music group from Tov province and 2 managers from our office came to the mountain and they were waiting for the travel group in the middle of mountains with their music instruments. The group leader was planning to pass by us- the music group, but we started the show and performance. So They were surprised and they were curious and listening to music and came to us. When the whole group came to us, our contractor- music group members started the full show and our group guide explained the show is dedicated for them. The travelers felt surprised and felt very joyful. They could see the open nature view with autumn valley and small lake and hearing the long continuous full tones voices of Mongolian singers and unimaginable throat singing voices. After the nice show they enjoyed the hot tea and coffee and had a box lunch and office managers and music group departed the mountain and tour group.

In next year 2020 Blue Mongolia tour is planning and offering the folklore shows in nature to other small groups and they will have more surprises and adventures in open air.                

Blue Mongolia Tour agency’s clients- travelers of big groups always enjoy the folklore music concert in the evening after a long trip in steppe countryside at the national theatre in Ulaanbaatar city. The travelers had adventure, activity, fun and introduction into Mongolian culture and nomadic lifestyle, now they are drawn into the nomadic art space. The touristy concert is 100% folklore styled show with 4 unique folklore performances, which are registered as UNESCO’s cultural heritage under the name of Mongolian heritage.

The first performance is Throat singing, it is called as khuumei in Mongolian language. In Mongolian throat singing, the performer produces a fundamental pitch and—simultaneously—one or more pitches over that. The open landscape of Mongolia allows for the sounds to carry a great distance, continuous sounding and deep meaning. Often, singers travel far into the countryside looking for the right river, or go up to the steppes of the mountainside to create the proper environment for throat-singing. The animistic world view of this region identifies the spirituality of objects in nature, not just in their shape or location, but in their sound as well. Thus, human mimicry of nature sounds is seen as the root of throat singing. Ordinarily, melodies are created by isolating the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th partial in accordance with the harmonic series. Thus, if the fundamental frequency were C3, the overtones would be G5, B♭5, C6, D6, E6, G6. However, it is possible to reach as low as the 2nd and as high as the 24th. Some of the travelers feel the an extraordinary and curiosity of this type of completely different and more ancient and oriental sounding. Some of the tourists, specially young tourists, who came from city life, they can not hold their laugh because of the strange and more legendary and more-barbaric nature sounding, which are completely different from modern pop and hard rock styles and genres.

The second performance is contortion act, which shows lady’s skills of extreme physical flexibility. Contortion acts often accompany acrobatic and circus acts, and yoga poses. An act will showcase one or more artists performing a choreographed set of moves or poses, often to music, which require extreme flexibility and extreme power of human single organ – a front tooth. The top and jaw hanging part is that a girl makes backbending and she keep her balance with her front tooth on a long stick in air. The standstilling on her front tooth while backbending is the one of the Mongolian contortionists’ ability and their name-card showcase. The contortion is the act, which makes travelers jaw down and afraid of too flexible poses.   

The third performance is Mongolian long song, which songs has that an each syllable of text is extended for a long duration. A four-minute song may only consist of ten words. For example: Old man and the Bird has a length of up to 3 hours if to sing in full length with complete 32 stanzas. Lyrical themes vary depending on context; they can be philosophical, religious, romantic, or celebratory, and often use horses as a symbol or theme repeated throughout the song. The song is sang on a melody of morin khuur (horse-head fiddle) as accompaniment, sometimes with a type of indigenous flute, called limbe. The songs is sang with many vocal movement’s techniques: shuranhai (prolonged, tenuto notes with deeply modulated vibrato on the vowels), nugalaa (sharp notes modulated in lower pitch), usrelt ( tone leaps or sudden transmission to higher or lower tones), tsokhilgo ( vocal modulated pulsation), tsatslaga (sprinkling), khayalga (bestrewing or free improvised tone), shigshree (sifting or repeated vocal vibration) and so on…

The fourth performance is the play on flute and tsuur for long time. While many other countries have flutes, the Mongolian flute has the following unique characteristics: 1. Full tones are produced while all major holes are closed 2. One specific technique used in flute playing is called circular breathing, which allows the musician to play continuously without pausing for breath.

In next 2020 In Ulaanbaatar 3 main theatres are opening for tourists: Tumen ekh – Head of 10000s ensemble, Ulaanbaatar ensemble and Tsagaan lavai- White Shell will be propsing their presentation of art concert to tourist audience. Blue Mongolia Tour agency managers will arrange the cultural shows with ensembles in theatres in Ulaanbaatar city, as well as private and tailor-made performances for active small groups of travelers in open nature.



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