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The tour was awesome. I couldn;t be asked for better. Awesome tour. guide who was knowledgeable about all the tour sites. Driver was very friendly and warming. The city tour was great especially the cultural performance. I would recommend Blue Mongolia to all.

~ Kou Yang, USA


Blog | published: 2019-04-02


Most of tourists, who visit to Mongolia, they can have an experience to taste Mongolian food and drinks: mainly they taste the Mongolian barbeque and horse milk from drinks. This time, we would like to introduce Mongolian breakfast to our clients – travelers’ group.

The Mongolian breakfast includes following things: tea, boiled milk, yogurt, boiled milk, gambir - homemade pancake, wild fruits jam, fried barleys, cooked switch grass, cheese, fried curds, slices of steamed meat, slices of sheep tail fat, salty flat garlic, stinging nettle, fried mushrooms and so on…

Tea can any type of tea. Some people prefer to have tea with milk, some wants just brown tea, which are made of Mongolian forest herbs and shrubs. The Mongolian north part of Mongolia – Khuvsgul province tea factories’ products are the best one. The Mongolian tea can be made of following herbs: leaves of wild strawberries, leaves of blackcurrant, Mongolian rose, flowers of  leaves of meadow pelargonium, milk white peonies, milkvetch roots and flowers of river beauty willowherbs. The smelling is nice and these wild herbs support the man’s immune system and detoxing the body. By 1600 Mongolian Kings sent Mongolian tea of 64 kg to Russian lords and European countries and it was the Mongolian tea introduction into the western culture. The Mongols drink it with milk. The milk tea with medical plants give much energy to Mongolian people and it helps them to survive in cold severe climate area. In Mongolia people like enriched tea with milk: it means with addition of some butter and salt or barley or sheep bone. The bones, milks and barleys give the calcium and some nutritions. The introduction reached to England and England lords drink tea with milk for their breakfast. You can try plain tea or milk tea or enriched tea. It is up to you. By the way, Mongols use the honey for their tea from ancient time. They say that honey is the most pure products from flowers. It cleans body and make the body and mind pure. So they can drink the brown tea with honey. Also children can drink hot boiled milk with honey.  

Mongolians did not have any native culture and tradition to bake bread with flour. Mongols have wheat, they do have a tradition to make homemade pancake, which is called as gambir or sharvin. Wheat dough is rolled into thin sheet and they put some oil and wild flat garlic/ onion or stinging nettle, then they fold it and roll it again to 5 mm sheet. Then the tasted dough is fried in milk butter. The Mongols have a wild fruits such as blackcurrants, strawberries, blueberries and so on.. They make a jam without sugar and they eat this jam with gambir. Depending on the man’s age and interest, there are 2 kinds of techniques to make gambir: as a crunchy hard covers in outside, or very soft and spongy covers outside. The onions and stinging nettle has lots of rare vitamins even PP, K and D.   

Another type of barleys, which is eaten by Mongols is barley. Mongolian ladies cook the barleys in the frying pan on hot fire. Then they grind the fried barleys with stone mills and make barley powder. It is delicious and good enough with nutrition. The fried barley powder is mixed butter, hot milk and they call it as zambaa and eat it in the morning. This kind of simple food is the breakfast for the Mongolian warriors in 13 century.

Mongolian have lots of dairy products such as cheese, dried curds and fried curds and so on… These milk products can be eat for the breakfast. If some people want to have some meat in the morning, they will have slices of steamed meat, blood sausages, or homemade sausages, which is made of sheep, cattle and horse meat inside of it. In comparison to other countries people, Mongols have active and challenging body with challenging internal secretion, so they need some little fat and oil to survive in cold and windy region. Therefore, they eat small slices of sheep tail fat and some butter oil in the morning.

Mongols know the wild potatoes’ bulbs, wild onion and garlics and some mushrooms. They collect it in autumn season and reserved for the whole winter. They make them dried or salted. The Mushroom is the best tasty, when it is fried with milk butter in open fire. From vegetables, mushrooms, lily flower bulbs, rhubarbs, onions, garlic are eaten by Mongols. Tourists like to eat fried mushrooms with wild garlic in butter oil.

The ancient Mongols pick up wild berries in the fall and they make them dried very well. In winter and spring time they soak the berries in the warm water and they make drinks and juices from wild berries. Sometimes old woman like to make a liqiour or wine from wild berries. The wild berries are blackcurrants, seabuck-thorn, blueberries, strawberries and cranberries.     

Blue Mongolia Tour team highly recommends you to enjoy Mongolian style breakfast, when you are traveling in Mongolia. You will feel the real wild nature taste and much energy giving, refreshing morning meals.

Welcome to Mongolia and enjoy the Mongolian breakfast.            

Narrated by Blue Mongolia Tour team. 



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