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It was wonderful experience. we had some bad weather, but it gave me the opportunity to spend more time with nomad family and it was a very enriching time. Our guide Tuvshee was joyful and friendly and most importantly a very good cook (in extreme conditions) during tent camping. We want to come back and we will buy a ger to put in our garden!

~ Anais Julienne & Bernardo Montufar, France


Blog | published: 2020-12-06

The travelers, who don’t want to lie by the pool, hit up the buffet busy crowded restaurants and chill out on the busy crowded beach, may be offered with different activities by Blue Mongolia Tour agency staff. We will offer you active and adventure tour programs with visiting to nature galleries of thousands of rock paintings, and nature site with thousands of dinosaur trails, and meeting with local horse herders and sheep herders. You will be lying by shore of the crystal clear water lake in the wilderness, hitting up the picnic cozy buffet tent, chilling out on the green meadow with wildflowers, passing by herds of horses and sheep in the vast steppe without any fences. 

Mongolian active adventure tours are interest based tours that connect travelers to nature and culture while exploring destinations around the country. Hike, bike, safari, climb and meet locals are your way through wild nature scenery, all while being surrounded by other likeminded travelers. Blue Mongolia tour agency arranges active adventure tours across the country in many different locations and range in activity level and interest type. Active tours are usually led by an expert who knows the terrain, local customs and cultural and who can help you navigate the destination and to be acclimatized into the climate.

Our travel agency’s tour experts will recommend you that your travel program can be enriched with at least 1-2 days or 1-2 hours active and adventure excursions. If you are very young or sport minded, you have possibility to take action & adventure packed itineraries for discovering Mongolia.   

Exploring far-flung places, immersing yourself in diverse cultures and venturing out of your comfort zone on a life-altering trip may be the best form of education. From hiking to snow covered hills to riding a two-humped camels along the sand dunes, enriching adventures in unfamiliar horse herders offer profound experiences that shape your perspective of the world – and yourself. While embarking on an epic journey has an unmistakable appeal in your young ages, as well as your tastes, time constraints and career demands can get in the way.

A real adventure is where the you can see the difference and possibility of other life being. It means, it’s a journey of discovery. To discover something, you will have horse or camel ride, or hike on high hills, or trek through the Siberian forests, bike or cycle if it is needed. The best adventures open your eyes, get you face-to-face with wildly unique experiences, make you feel something special and leave you in awe.

Adventure holidays in Mongolia are a great way to explore new place in Asia and expose yourself to new ways of living, thinking and being. They allow you to be active in a way that you can’t be at home, giving you the time and space to devote yourself to your adventure.

The vast majority of people will be influenced by price when they travel. We offer some of the cheapest active holiday adventures in Mongolia. Our affordable active and adventure programs perfectly suited to adventure travelers from as little as $400 for one whole week. The best thing is, these are not only cheap adventures abroad, but they’re value for money too. On the other side, there are some travelers, who want to enjoy the best service in the countryside with active and adventures. These kind of all included packaged holiday is costed up to 290$ per day.

With Blue Mongolia Tour agency, you can travel to any part of Mongolia, where are so much fun and adventures in every day. Below are some of the best adventure holidays and the locations, where the active trips can be arranged.     

TOP FIVE ACTIVE travel programs for Mongolia

Active vacations are a great way to get to know your destination since they typically take place almost entirely outside. At Blue Mongolia web site, there’s a wide range of active programs for all travel types. Here we mention you the best active and sport activities holidays for solo travelers, couples, families, seniors and youth groups.

Horseback riding

Mongolia is home to the largest number of horses in the world. The Mongolian horse is the native breed of horses, which suits this dry, severe cold climate zone and they eat very dry grasses and crystal water. During the Chinggis Khan time, the horse breed was selected by Mongolian military genetic engineers and the dark colored horses are the best for the simple purpose of riding and as well as the best for military purposes. Although the Mongolian horses are small, but they can endure both of the more heavier loads and long distance.

Horseback riding is the Mongolia brand activity from Mongolian people and Mongolian travel agencies. In any corner of Mongolia, you are able to ride the Mongolian horses. Your tour guide will give you an instruction to avoid from fall from back of horse and injuries. Then your tour guide and local horse guides will help you to ride on horses and check all the conditions to start the trip. If you are the experienced and good rider, you will have no local horse guide. If you are beginner rider, you may have a local horse guide, who will help you to feel better and understand the Mongol horses.

If you are a just curious and just try to ride a horse for a little time, your tour guide and local horse guide will help you to ride on the horseback for just 5 or up to 10 minutes or up to 1 whole hour. In this case you will have very gentle horse and local guide will accompany with you together next to you.

If you are an experienced rider, who want to take long days and long distance riding vacation, the tour managers will offer you the best destination. In this case you will travel to the horse breeder family by car and then you will be get introduced with the local horse guide family and the horse, which will be riden by you in the next days. First day is the just for fun and to greet and meet the horse. The next morning you will have breakfast by 7.30 a.m and then you will start the horse trekking trip by 9a.m in the morning. Every morning your horse guide will cinch tightly the saddle ties and your tour guide will double check it. Your tour and local horse guide will accompany you in the front or in the back of trekkers line. By 1p.m you will arrive in the kitchen camp site area and your group will have a lunch and rest. Then by 2p.m you will continue the horse trekking until 6 p.m in the evening. Your horse guide will take off the saddle from horseback and bridles from horse mouths and let them to rest for a while. During the horse trip you will have picnic meals in dining outdoor camps and will stay overnight in the outdoor tents.  After the picnic dinner your horse guide will take the horses into the deep ground well or the river or lake to let the horses to drink the clear water. Then, he will take back the horses near to the outdoor camping site and hobble them and posts pickets. All the nights the horses will enjoy the eating grasses and rest nearby the camping site.       

If you are in short of timing, we suggest you to try the horseback riding at least for 1 hour just for fun. Because you are now in horse breeders’ country! Try your hand at horse riding, with the help of a nomadic horse trainer in Mongolia and have the adventure of a lifetime, learning to live on the move and building a bond with your horse. Please, See how these Mongolian nomads live day to day and learn about their ancient traditions and customs in the beautiful backdrop of Mongolia. The nearest best destination to Ulaanbaatar metropolitan city for horse riding is Terelj National Park, located in the 60 km in the east. There are lots of horse herders nomad families, who will offer you the riding and help you to ride a horse. Another well-known national parks and touristy destinations to ride horses are central part of Mongolia, Orkhon Valley Park, Gobi Three Beauties park, eastern and western part of Mongolia. The best time to go horse trekking in Mongolia is in the summer and early fall before mid of October.

Camel Riding Travel

Mongolia has two humped Bactrian camels in the south part of it. In the past centuries, a camel played a major role in the transportation service along the many of trade roads: silk roads, tea roads and fruit roads and precious stone roads, which were the longest trade road with up to 15 thousand kilometers distance. The Camel riding and camel caravanning travel is one of the most adventure and active trips in Mongolia. Sitting on the camelback, camel’s standing up, smooth trekking along the Gobi desert extraordinary view, sitting on knees is the much fun from this kind of camel ride trip. Camels rarely run, so mainly you will have very gentle and trained camels for the riding. The camels will be controlled by the local camel guide, so the camels will never run. The most important thing is for the camel rider is to keep the balance on the back when camels stands up and sits down.   

If you have a enough time and you want to see the Gobi desert landscape and it’s secrets on the camelback, we can recommend you to take the camel trip for 3-12 days. This kind of long duration camelback trip gives you the chance to observe the desert beauty carefully and think about what is the most important to you and even to talk to yourself, listen to your soul in the very quiet peaceful environment during the smooth comfortable riding.    

First day is the just for fun and to greet and meet with a camel, which will be your friend in next several days. The next morning you will have breakfast by 7.30 a.m and then you will start the camel trekking trip by 9a.m in the morning. Your tour and local horse guide will accompany you in the front or in the back of trekkers’ line. By 1p.m you will arrive in the kitchen camp site area and your group will have a lunch and rest in the middle of desert. Then by 2p.m you will continue the camel trekking until 6 p.m in the evening. Your camel guide will take off the saddle from camelback and bridles from mouths and let them to rest for a while. During the camel trekking trip you will have picnic meals in dining outdoor camps and will stay overnight in the outdoor tents. After the picnic dinner your camel guide will take the camels onto the bushes or big rocks and let the camels to rest and eat grasses and bushes. Then, he will take back the camels near to the outdoor camping site and hobble them and tie them with a big desert bush. All the nights the camels will stay as eating grasses and rest nearby the camping site.      

The nearest best destination to Ulaanbaatar metropolitan city for the camel riding is Terelj National Park, located in the 60 km in the east. There are some camel herders and nomad families, who will offer you the camel riding. Another well-known national parks and touristy destinations to ride camels are Gobi Three Beauties National park (750 km in one way), Khogno Khan Nature reserve area (280 km in one way), Altai Tavan Bogd National Park (2000 km in one way). The best time to go camel trekking in Mongolia is after 1, September until 15,October. If you are more adventurous and active we can offer you the camel riding in the winter season between 15,October and 20,December and between 20,January and 20,March. It is the ideal time for enjoying the Gobi desert winter view and the camel’s warmth in cool season.  

Trekking and Hiking in mountains and on prairie

Mongolian territory has lots of different landscapes: vast steppe, dry grassland prairie in the east, low rolling green hills, the red colored rugged ranges, big valleys with horse herders families and horse herds, bend forming rivers in the central part, the red sandy soil desert plateau, yellowish sand dunes, flaming cliffs, bright red canyons, beautiful oasises, narrow gulches and dun colored rocky hills in the south part, grey and tawny rock mountain ranges, vast valleys with lakes and serpentine roads in the west, the Siberian forests with green cristmas trees and pine trees, green lush meadows, clear water rivers and lakes in the north part of Mongolia. In any part of Mongolia, there are no any fences and enclosed areas in the country with wild nature. It means, the land is the property of all Mongols and it is not owned by someone and not marked as putting in a pen. Therefore, the best trekking and hiking in endless steppe and in a great big prairie is available in here.  World class outdoor trekking is guaranteed to be nearby in Mongolia.

Hiking in Mongolian wilderness of nature allows you to reach points and the end of the land, where planes, cars and even bikes can’t get to. This means that you’ll see sights that are only available to those who’ve put in the effort to get to these remote spots, and we guarantee the reward will be huge.

The classic Mongolian countryside is home to the horse herders and sheep herders and it is the main place for some fantastic walking and hiking routes. Hike in and out of the mountains, around small gers – yurts of horse breeders, or in national parks and in the high mountain ranges with snow covered peaks is the real active fun, which can be experienced in this exotic ways.

The hiking and trek lovers may be offered by the long days and long distance camping trips in Altai Tavan Bogd Mt.National park, or in the western Altai Mt ranges, Khangai Mt.Ranges, Sayan Mt Reserve area, Darkhad Depression area and Gobi desert national park areas. Altai Mountain provides a spectacular view over the small village and sky horizon and the perfect postcard moment for your active trekking holiday. Travelers on active holidays will find fewer crowds on other top-rated Altai walks near to the white water river. Active trekkers can choose from exploring all its character, or getting into the ancient stories of this places. Following the slopes of the Khorgo Volcano or Khangain nuruu nature reserve area, or walk up to the Red waterfall cliffs, or to a Buddhist meditation temple on the top of Shiveet Ulaan Mt. can be offered before jumping into a natural hot spring to relax or heading out in a jeep for meeting nomad families.

Active trekking holidays in east of Mongolia are popular with adventure travelers- trekkers and riders. East of Mongolia is the homeland of racing horses – fast horses and as well as it is the land of 222 extinct volcanoes. Visiting the valley of horses and volcanoes is an adventure trip that allows you to deep-dive into the history of the region and horse culture, going back hundreds of years. This trekking route program is newly designed and got introduced into the active tours market since 2019. Only Blue Mongolia Mongolia travel agency offers this trekking program in eastern vast steppe with lots of volcanoes and ancient man statues.

If you are in short of the time, you don’t have a time to climb Mt Altai to enjoy this top-rated active destination, but you just want to experience the short distance hike and trekk, we will recommend you to 1-3 days hike and trekking trips in Terelj National park or Khentii Mt.ranges and it’s green forests. The Terelj National park and Khagiin Khar lake have been named one of the most beautiful and the ideal destination for trekkers in Mongolia. The Park and lake area is a paradise, where you’re  not so far from a metropolitan city, but you will discover wild nature’s beauty and it’s warmth.

The only limit on your adventures is time, with a whole range of exploration activities on your doorstep in this area. Get active as you go white water rafting, hiking, riding horses, or embrace the culture of the local towns and markets on hills. All those things can be done at the Terelj National Park.

Mongolian hike and trekking guide will provide you with some necessary gears such as gaiters, gaiters’ details in case of broken, hiking sticks, gloves, or crampons, flashlights and so on… During this trekking trip, you will have an outdoor tent camping and picnic meals, which are prepared by Mongolian best chefs. You will have buffet of picnic breakfast and dinners, as well as the picnic hot wines and cold beers enjoy upon the camp fire.  All this is bound to make an unforgettable trip! Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or simply want to walk on the wild side for the first time, we have somethings to offer you.  

ATV Ride

Drive a 4 x 4 or quad-bike through the bizarre looking sand dunes, siberian forest, vast steppe and green rolling hills. Roam the dunes and enjoy the sun set as you’ve never seen it before, as you enjoy a traditional Mongolian meal cooked on an open fire in the desert. After all that excitement, relax on the vast steppe for a barbecue, try your eyes at surfing into the edge of vast steppe and the horizon of the sky to enjoy the nature beauty and nice breeze.

Cycling Tours

A cycling vacation in Mongolia is the perfect option for more active travelers since it allows you to see so much of the country whilst still traveling at reasonable pace and getting in some exercise along the way to make you feel as though you’ve really earned some down time at each stop-off point.

Cycle (or hire a motorbike) through Mongolia for stunning mountain paths and views over the Mongolian famous vast prairie. Travel all the way to Gobi desert National park, Khangain Nuruu national park and stay with local family, spending a day learning about horse breeders’ care for their horses in open country fields and tasting delicious Mongolian local food and drink.

You can have a nice chance to enjoy a guided mountain bike tour around Khangain Nuruu and Altai Mountain Ranges and see the ancient sites or historical remains and beautiful scenery. Please, Take a field path and stop off in the many green valleys and on the passage of low rolling hills, discovering the authentic nature view and small towns of horse breeder Mongols that make up this destination. The ideal destination for adrenaline seekers and cyclers are so many in Mongolia.  



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