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It was wonderful experience. we had some bad weather, but it gave me the opportunity to spend more time with nomad family and it was a very enriching time. Our guide Tuvshee was joyful and friendly and most importantly a very good cook (in extreme conditions) during tent camping. We want to come back and we will buy a ger to put in our garden!

~ Anais Julienne & Bernardo Montufar, France

Horseback riding in Mongolia

Blog | published: 2020-05-24

Do you plan to travel in horse-riders’ country  that more horses than as 3 million people? In case you were wondering, to come to Mongolia and not ride a horse is to miss out on discovering the true spirit of Mongolia. Mongols’ lives revolve around horses: horses are used for transportation, herding, hunting, sport (horse racing), culture and as well as for the relique. It’s said that “a Mongol without a horse is like a bird without wings”.  

Children learn to ride at 3 years old and become jockeys at just 7-8 years of age. Learning to ride a horse is a proper way of passage in Mongolian culture, similar to riding a bike in the West. Mongolian horses seem like to be small but they are strong, fast and sensitive and well known as the good companion of the Mongolian warriors during the Chinggis Khan’s sons’ conquers in the 13th century. Horses are worshipped and respected by steppe herders as its spiritual power. Mongols never beat, no carry of heavy loads, love them and care them as fiving free time to pasture on their own selves. Mongolian horse knows how to survive in the wild. Because horses in Mongolia are not kept in barns or pastures but are allowed to roam free on the vast Mongolian steppe, like the wild horses roamed thousands of years ago. But, as personalities go, the horses that are trained for riding are far from wild. In Mongolia, horses can take you where your own two feet can not. During the summer travel season, the ground is often so wet in places that the only way to get through is by horse, and even they can sink almost up to their bellies in mud.

Our recommendations for the beginner riders: 

Even if you’ve never ridden a horse before, I think of a better place to learn is Mongolia. If you are a young man or woman , and looking for the active adventure trips in Mongolia, Blue Mongolia Tour team will recommend you to take a tour, which includes 1-2 days horseback riding activities in vast steppe area with Mongols. You will have easy and interesting program to learn riding a horse, and we will provide you with amazing and dedicated Mongol Rider team, great equipment (saddles, tents, sleeping bags, you name it) and wonderful horses (each with their own charms and quirky traits). During the ride you will see incredible views of the different landscapes, golden eagles, and had lunch on the crest of a fairly large hill with a fantastic view in Terelj National park.  The national park scenery is incredible, the pace was easy and most importantly the whole day was really fun with riding, resting, photographing, exloring and visiting to horse herders.  Horseback riding in Teralj Park is beautiful, at times it makes you feel like you were the only people in the world. On this riding training tours, you will go to Ghengis Khan Statue, then do short hours horse riding in the area of Gorkhi-Terelj National Park along the Tuul river and some sacred mountains and valleys with lots of history of horse riders.  

This short riding tour will give a you a chance to try a perfect combination of cultural experiences: horse trekking, dining with Mongolian meals, enjoying the picturesque landscapes, visiting local families and camping with bon fire. You will really experience the legendary nomad hospitality and nomadic culture and simply lifestyle. You will sleep in a Ger with a nomadic family, you will eat as much traditional Mongolian cuisine as you can handle, you will hold baby goats and baby cows to help their moms to be milked, you will shoot arrows, and you will ride horses in the mongolian steppe as much as time you have.

Below is the recommendation for equestrian travelers or horse lovers:  

Blue Mongolia Tour team recommends you to travel and explore the Mongolia on horseback. Trekking and living alongside Mongolian  people, their lovely horses, the simple living in the wilderness and being so close to nature was a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Some days riding through meadows of head-high flowers on warm summer days, climbing up steep and rocky mountain paths to the snow line, down through pine forests, across grassy steppe and through valleys and rivers, professional riding team and local horse guides and fun is the expectation during the riding travels.

There are several touristy places where you can ride horses and explore the Mongolia: Mongolian Taiga region in Khuvsgul province, Khustai Wild Horses National Park, Orkhon valley in Overkhangai province, Khurkh Valley in Khentii province, Khagiin Khar lake area in Tov province and Altai tavan Bogd national park in western part of Mongolia.

For those, who don’t want to make horseback trekking in touristy places, we have another recommendations for regions: Zavkhan river in Zavkhan province, Khanui and Khunui rivers valley in Arkhangai province, Tal bulag Ongon Ders steppe in Sukhbaatar province, Saikhan valley in Bulgan provinces.    

Mongolian Taiga is home of Reindeer Herders

Mongolian tribes of reindeer herders, the Tsaatan people are living now in South Siberia and north part of Mongolia. This unique community lives in teepees in pine and larches forests at the Darkhad depression, which is very closed region with natural landscaping. It is close to the Russian border and survives completely off the grid by herding reindeer. In the Mongolian taiga of larches, you’ll explore and experience very closely and personally with Tsaatan reindeer herders lifestyle: tents for living, their local food made of reindeer milk: tea and cheese, herds of reindeer, their daily activities. The Horseback riding in the taiga is called as one of the tough riding experiences. You will trek through marcshy wet are, where your horses will be stuck until his belly and he tries so much to try get our wet bumpy areas.    

Khustai Wild Horses National park

Khustai park is the one of 2 homes to Mongolia’s last remaining wild horses, the Takhi. Khustai national park is a heaven for wildlife and endangered species of flora. Observing the herds of wild horses in the wild from the back of domesticated horse is one of the most amazing experiences. This is better way and interesting idea you explore the wild horses.

Orkhon valley

The best place to explore the Mongols history and culture is Orkhon valley. For many centuries, the Orkhon Valley was viewed as the seat of the imperial power of the steppe horse riders. More than 3 ruins of ancient capital cities were existing here, so the valley is rich with lots of ancient tombs for royal people, memorial monuments and rock paintings and deer stone monuments. Therefore, the orkhon valley is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its historical value related to Great Mongolian Empire, Tureg empire and Uigar Empire. You will have to opportunity to see archealogical excavation site, ancient tombs hillside, Khara Khorum museum, Erdene zuu Buddhist monastery, ovoo- piles of stones for the great empires, Tovkhon Buddhist meditation temple, orkhon waterfall, horse breeder fmailies, yak herders and sheep/goat herders and local families of shaman and medical doctors. And you will spend your nights in tent camping next to the lakes, rivers, forests and hills in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Khagiin Khar Lake

Khar Lake at the Khag mountain range is a 20-meter deep glacial lake surrounded by the forested Khenti Mountains. The lake is a gorgeous oasis in the middle of the mountains. Trekking here you’ll feel like you’re riding through the middle of nowhere, just you, your horse, and nature. During this travel you will ride horses and talk to yourself and the nature. The exact best places to listen and talk to your self, love yourself and make yourself enjoy in wilderness: feel free in very quiet peaceful area in the mountains and amazing views of nature.    

Khurkh Valley in Khentii province

Khurkh valley is located in eastern part of Mongolia. A” sector or Khurkh river valley includes group of lakes along Binder, Duut, Khulst and Bayan Burd Lakes, while “B” sector or Khuiten river valley includes small lakes along Ikh Burd, Ulaan Toirom, Khulst, Ulaan Undur and Khukh Lakes. Surrounding mountains of the site are sparsely forested. Here you will see less people of nomads, small house for bird researchers, small lakes and Khurkh river and some steppe and Jargalant mountains in the sky horizon. The valley is the historical place and place for the bird lovers. You will trekking on the horseback as exploring endangered species of birds  in the day time and outdoor tent camping in the evening hours.

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park has one of the most stunning natural landscapes in all of Mongolia, the snow-capped rocky mountain peaks of the Altai Mountain ranges. Riding through Altai Tavan Bogd National Park and Bear valley, and valley of Khoton and Khurgan lakes is an absolutely awe-inspiring experience. You’ll see golden eagles soaring through the air, and ride past glaciers, lakes, rock paintings, and numerous historical remains such as man stone, deer stones, ancient tombs and so on…

Zavkhan River sands

Exploring the steppe and forested valleys of remote Zavkhan Province by horse is the way to avoid from touristy places and indulge in wilderness on your own selves.  Your local guide will introduce you to Mongolia's fascinating traditional nomadic culture as your trusty horse carries you through this rarely visited region. You will have a riding holiday in beautiful untouched landscapes, fascinating local culture, and with hospitable Mongolian people and your travel team friends. If you have ever dreamed of galloping across the open steppe with the wind in your hair, this is the place to live that dream. During this trek you will enjoy perfect riding country – everything from tricky forest trails to wide open steppe ideal for a faster pace, and not a fence or gate to be seen.

When To Go Horse Trekking In Mongolia

The best time to go horse trekking in Mongolia is in the summer and early in June until October. Average high temperatures in the Mongolian countryside in summer time is +30C and low temperature is +15C degrees. So you will not feel so hot and so cold in Mongolian summer time.

How To Go Horse Trekking In Mongolia

We would like to recommend you to book a riding trip with local tour operators companies in order to save the time and to guarantee your safety and comfort during the active and adventure travel.

To get started planning your own independent trek, contact us at Blue Mongolia email address or facebook messengers. We will help you to choose which region for your riding travel and provide complete training on how to complete your trek and can provide you with horses and all necessary camping gears for the duration of your trip.

What To Expect

Mongolia is a big country, area-wise, and is home to only 3 million people. Half of population live in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, so most of the country consists of nothing except gorgeous natural scenery and wilderness. Riding trip is not a luxury trip, it is active and adventure travel, which may check your emotion, tolerance, culture understanding and physical ability. You’ll be camping for most of your trip, whether that’s in a tent, ger, or teepee’s tent. As for riding, expect   average of 3-7 hours in the saddle per day, and enjoy trekking how far the route is. Being dirty and foregoing your comforts are nothing than the enjoyment and feeling happy on the horseback.

What To Pack For A Horse Trek In Mongolia

Blue Mongolia Tour team will recommends you to pack light. There’s not much room on a pack horse so you won’t be able to bring a rolling suitcase full of stuff. It’s best to pack your stuff in a small, soft backpack or duffel bag. The Packing list include following things: a good warm sleeping bag rated to 0C degrees, down jacket or another winter jacket, long rain jacket or rain poncho, which should not make giggling noices, a hat with a brim and chin strap, gloves with a grip on the palm for riding, boots with a heel for riding.  

Blue Mongolia Tour team will provide you with g riding helmet, gaiters, special packing for baggages and other outdoor camping gears.  

Narrated by team of Blue Mongolia Tour agency. 



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