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The tour was awesome. I couldn;t be asked for better. Awesome tour. guide who was knowledgeable about all the tour sites. Driver was very friendly and warming. The city tour was great especially the cultural performance. I would recommend Blue Mongolia to all.

~ Kou Yang, USA


Blog | published: 2019-04-29

Chinggis Khan- Millenium Man & History Tourism Mongolian National Forum was held in 25,April 2019 at Mongolian Government Building in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Approximately, 800 people representatives from Khentii province administration offices and travel agencies offices in Ulaanbaatar. 800 representatives discussed and agreed on following projects: Chinggis Khan Complex Museum project in Dadal village of Khentii province, Ikh Khuraldai Complex Museum in Binder village of Khentii province, Paladin Boorchi Complex Museum in Batnorov village of Khentii Province and Shikhikhutug Lawyer Complex Museum in Norovlin village of Khentii province.

In next 5 years these 4 big complexes and museums will be open to tourists and domestic travelers. Why they choose Dadal village of Khentii province to build this giant complex historical museum? Dadal village territory includes the place Deluun boldog, which is the birthplace of Chinggis Khan. Chinggis Khan was born in 1162 at Deluun Boldog hill area by Oulen mother as a first son of Esukhei Baatar General. In order to improve the history tourism in Khentii province and in order to be proud of Chinggis Khan, who is the magnificient and powerful role in Mongolian history, Mongolian government and Khentii Province Administratives and Mongolian History Academy officers initiated this project.

Why did they choose the Binder village for Ger building of an ancient Mongolian Parlianment house as a complex museum? Because in 1206 Temujin invited the leaders of Mongolian speaking clans and tribes and he held Ikh Khuraldai- Great Assembly near Tsagaan Nuur lake in present Binder village. At this great assembly the clan leaders agreed to accompany the Temujin and they found a Mongolian State. Therefore, the Temujin had received a title of Chinggis Khan – Great king and became the King of Mongolian State. At the assembly clan leaders agreed on founding up some units under the government control: such as education unit, defense unit and economy unit. The Complex Museum main design was made by architector D.Tortogtokh and it will be consisted of several giant gers.

Why did they choose Batnorov village for Complex Museum for Paladin Boorchi? Because in 1177 Boorchi, the only son of Nakhu rich sheepherder, met Chinggis Khan in the area of present Batnorov village, Khentii province. Boorchi helped Chinggis khan to find his stolen horses. 1-2 years later they met again and they took a solemn oath on lifetime friendship to each other on steppe of Khukhuuriin tal. They put on their helmet hats and they greeted and showed the respect to each as bowing and leaning each other’s foreheads. The Boorchi Paladin’s Complex Museum will be the main touristy place, which welcomes many of friend companions. The Museum complex design was made by architector D.Erdembileg.

Why did they choose Borovlin village of Khentii province for the Complex of Great Lawyer Shikhikhutug? Great Lawyer Shikhikhutug was the main role in designing and accomplishing a Great Yasa Law, which is the first law and kind of constitution adopted and carved in metal pieces in 1206. By 1260 the Great Yasa law was a big law, which made 100 millions of euro-asian people to keep rules and to live together in peace. Due to this law there is no racialism, no discrimination of relions. The law consisted of several chapters laws such as taxation law, nature environment protection law, defense law, civil law and criminal laws.

When these 5 complex museums are built, that time the History Tourism will be one part of Mongolian Tourism brand. History lovers, Mongolia study people, Mongolian domestic travelers will be visiting here and to have an understanding and studying the Mongolian culture and Mongolian leadership. Only these 4 historical event were chosen for making a complex museum. But behind these 4 eventful occasions, there are 10 more than historical places related to Chinggis Khan. For the tourists and travelers another important and nice place is Khar Zurkhnii Khukh lake – Blue lake at Black Heart Mt, which is the place, where Chinggis Khan and Borto Queen got married in 1179. Another important place is Khodoo aral area in Delgerkhaan village of Khentii province, which is the place, where Chinggis Khan’s first unmoved-palace with protection walls and fortress.

Blue Mongolia Tour agency is very grateful for the initiation and building up this History Tourism Project and Blue Mongolia team will be ready to make our own efforts for this project accomplishment. Who loves the history, who tries to understand the far eastern world, who wants to know about Mongols, please, welcome to Mongolia and travel to eastern part of Mongolia as listening to the Mongolian history and as witnessing the Mongolian nomadic culture.     



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