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No complaints, two couples enjoyed the trip. Horseback riding was wonderfull. Very cool service! We will recommend Blue Mongolia to our friends.

~ Catherine and Susan, UK

Be Prepared To Travel In Mongolia

Blog | published: 2020-04-16

Here are seven things you should know and you should prepare yourself psychologically before traveling to Mongolia. Scenic very open steppes with only wild nature, nomadic tribes and their small white dwellings, and extraordinary very eastern traditions await those adventurous enough to travel through the vast and unforgettable country of Mongolia. This lesser-known tourist destination is one of the best places to get away for the overly trodden tourist trail and discover a land full of untouched landscapes, vibrant cities, and wandering tribes. Since Mongolia is not a popular tourist hotspot, it is best to be prepared before visiting the country.

Questions: When see the country of Mongolia?
Reply:       Plan the trip during Festival, if you want to see more culture. Festivals lists are here.
                Plan the trip during Summer, if you want to see more adventure and fun
                Plan the trip during spring season, if you want to see rare animals and wildlife. 

Mongolian festivals are extravagant, fun, and exhilarating. Many of these festivals still highlight the old traditional games, wrestling, and of course horse riding. A few of the most popular festivals in Mongolia are the Camel Festival in March, the Golden Eagle Festival in October, and the Naadam Festival in 11-12,July annually. Plus, the festivals are not only fun but is also the best way to learn about Mongolian heritage and traditions. 

Question: What to pack for travel in Mongolia?
Reply:      Warm clothes and hygiene pack is necessary
Mongolia have high rocky mountains in the west, large hills in the middle, trees and lakes in the north. The Central, eastern and southern landscape is full of plains and small hills. While this is strikingly beautiful, it also means there is nothing to cut the wind. But Mongolian climate is very unpredictable and very changeable minute by minute. Ger tourist camps will not provide you with disposable tooth paste and brush, so you need to pack your hygiene bag, which should includes sun crème, lip balm, face crème, small handkerchief, mask, sanitizer, menthol pads. If you are camping in Mongolia, the night can be cold and windy. It is essential to make sure you have proper clothes, a high-grade sleeping bag, and a tent that can hold up to the weather. 

Question: See the country with what transportation?  
Reply:      With Own driver and with 4WD vehicle 

Whether you are wandering through the steppes, heading through a mountain pass, or venturing into the desert, the best way to see the country is by hopping in the car and starting the road trip of a lifetime. The first, you can hire a driver to show you around the country. This is the easiest option, although not quite as adventurous. Mongolian driver is very helpful and tourism professional drivers are not lost in the country and their head is alive jps. Mongolian professional drivers, which are rented from travel agencies always responsible: to carry extra gas, tires, and have proper insurance and proper permission to travel in city in any days of week and so on…. These helpful drivers will give you peace of mind throughout your travels. Also bear in mind the harsh conditions of the landscape when renting a car or picking a driver. The Mongolian terrain can be tough, so a 4X4 is your best bet to take you across the country. 

If you are looking for something a little more challenging, then rent a car and do it yourself. Just make sure you are prepared for such a journey. A lot of the country does not have paved roads, GPS, road signs, markers, or maps. This gives the trip an epic sense of adventure, traversing the lonely plains as you figure out the best way to get from A to B.  Either way, a road trip around Mongolia is unforgettable.  

Question: How to behave in the middle of Mongol?
Reply:      Be calm down and be super optimistic. 

Mongolia is one of the few remaining countries in the world that still have tribes of sheep and horse herders, who are taking care for herds of sheep, goats, horses and camels. That herders are friendly and some old people are very hospitable. Whether you are traveling the country by bus or car, you are bound to run into them at some point.  In this case, Let down your guard, do not be shy, be friendly and take the time to get to know them. 

The nomadic people love travelers, and it is easy to talk to them and make friends. They are lovely people who will invite you to a home-cooked meal and even let you spend the night in their Ger, a white cloth nomadic tent.  You will have an unforgettable time. Another tip: Upon leaving, it is polite to donate to the family for the food and shelter. 

Question: Where and what shelters will I sleep under?
Reply:      Ger,  felt dwelling and in outdoor tents for a few nights

In many case, in Mongolia you will sleep in a ger, national fest dwelling, in every night. You need to bow very well, when you enter or get-out the ger in order to avoid from hitting your head. There are a few cultural traditions that you should follow in Mongolia when staying in a Ger. The rules are few but are important and you should honor them completely when camping with nomads. Make sure to never lean on the walls of the Ger. Never point your finger in front of you while sitting. Never touch a Mongolian on the head. Always accept food or drink that is offered. And always use your right hand when receiving or giving anything. 

Question: What kind of meals will I have?
Reply:      Don't worry about the meal ig you are going to have professional service from
               travel agency    

Mongolia is known for local Mongolian foods: Mongolian barbeque cooked with hot stones, Mongolian grilling barbeque, frying meat, ball meat, boiled meat, and so many types of much meat. What meat? Beaf, lamb, goat, horse meat, camel meat, yak meat, chicken, pork, fish.. In Mongolian, there is no sea, so Don’t expect to have seafood. In Mongolian restaurants have so good choices of western and eastern food menus and very tasty food with organic food materials. Mongolian has rice, noodles and lots of vegetables. Tourist camps’ and restaurants’ chefs will cook you special menu, if you have food restrictions due to your health conditions: vegetarians, glutein-free, sugar-free, and  so on… Some allergies from food is possible to be avoided. In Mongolian countryside, you will have nice chance to try national food and drinks such as goat curds, and airag, a local beer made from fermented milk from mares, with 8% alcohol.

Question: What to see in Mongolia?
Reply:      Please, Check our blog named as What To See and What To Do in Mongolia

Reply is what you want from the list What To See and What To Do in Mongolia. This is the list, which if offered by Blue Mongolia travel agency, for recommendations about sightseeing in Mongolia about 10 exotic places and 10 amazing things to do in Mongolia. However, if you are even a little nervous about this list, here we are. You can just write us an email.  

Question: Can I feel free?
Reply:      Yes, you can. You need to change your "sight" into More Asian & Nomadic Style.  

Mongolia might not be the easiest country in the world to travel around, but it is the perfect land for adventures and thrill seekers. The people are friendly, the food is tasty, and the landscape is beautiful, however, the challenge of the country is the work it takes to get from one place to the next. Don't sweat it too much; for those willing to do the work, the rewards are an experience of a lifetime.

Many European travelers are nervous and many Asian travelers feel afraid about traveling across the open, exotic plains of Mongolia. All day you may drive in open steppe, instead of walking in the crowd of many people, they travel very quietly instead walking in busy noisy streets… Tourists miss their hometown and it’s lifestyle in Mongolia, so they feel nervous and intolerate in timing of drive from one place to another place. It means to get out your comfortable “buzy” zone with hometown’s style. Mongolia is completely different and completely in-predictable hostile country. The truth is that the scenic country of nomads and horse lards is beautiful and charming. It is a land where the culture and the people stick with you long after returning home. If you want a memorable adventure, then make plans to venture to Mongolia at least once in your life.

Blue Mongolia Tour travel agency will wish you to have a happy travels in Mongolia.  




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