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Our trip was very nice. We didn't expect so much fun, peace and lots of information. Our guide Bolroo was much knowledgeable and very kind. Driver ... was like professional, always carefelly driving out holes on the road.

~ Claudio, Italy


Blog | published: 2018-11-27


Blue Mongolia:    We name the 4th interesting thing to do in Mongolia is To Ride a Camel
Tourist:              What? Ride a camel?
Blue Mongolia:    We offer you the gentle, quiet, handsome domestic camel. Not wild tough one.    
Tourist:              Weird animal, Is it hard to ride?
Blue Mongolia:    First, you need to keep balance, when a camel stands up. When he goes, you can feel stable. You will have local camel guide- an owner of a domesticated camel. You are safe.     

In Mongolia we have only Bactrian camels (scientific name is Camelus bactrianus). Bactria is the name of a place in ancient Amu Darya river south basin dated back to 3000 B.C, mainly present Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikstan. This 2 humped camels  are endemic in central asia from Afghanistan to Mongolian desert and vast steppe territory. In present time, we have 2 kinds of Bactrian camels: Domesticated camels – camelus bactrianus, and another one is wild camels – camelus ferus. Of course, you will not ride the wild camels. Blue Mongolia Travel agency will offer you the gentle domesticated camel to enjoy the riding fun.

If you have a lack of time and not possible to drive or fly for the hundreds of miles and kilometers, our Mongolian tour managers will offer you service to ride a camel near by the Ulaanbaatar city. If you have plenty and pretty of timing, we recommend you to travel to Gobi desert, which is home of camels in present time and was a home of dinosaurs in the past.

It will be extraordinary and well worth the trip: there’s nothing in the world that’s quite like these vast expanses of no-man’s land – Gobi desert. Gobi desert has 33 landscape distinctions: sand dunes, rocky mountain, flaming cliff, ground canyons, steppes, oasis, lakes, glaciers and so on… The most comfortable and nice view place for camel riding are Khongor sand dunes and Bayanzag flaming cliffs. These are touristy places, so you can stay in comfortable ger tourist camps and can rent a camel from camel breeder nomads to ride. Local camel breeder man or woman will help you to ride camels and lead you to the wonderful sand dunes, small cristal lake Adag, vast steppe valley of Ereen. Blue Mongolia’s professional tour team recommend you camel riding activities in morning hours with cool temperatures or in the late evening before sunset, when the air temperature is going down in summer hottest days.

If your travel time is in spring from March to June, we will recommend you to travel with us to central part of Mongolia, for riding a camel. In spring time we have very uncomfortable weather condition in gobi desert such as sand storms, strong wind, chilly in the night and in the daytime it is too dry and  strong windy. In spring visitors will drink a cup of tea and coffee with small pieces of sands, they have to put on complete masks and sunglasses for their eyes. They should with stand against strong wind, it is just too much of tough.

So we recommend you to visit to Gobi desert for camel riding in summer hottest days or autumn cooler comfortable days. In May and until mid of June, you will have not good looking camels because of their wool dropping-off period. The camels in one side the big piece of wool is hanging and when the wind blows, it is swelled in the wind. Some camels look like they are dressed in brown tight jacket. Some camels look like a blue camel is shaved un-symmetrically. They look really funny in this time of year.

Blue Mongolia Tour guides will provide you the necessary safety instruction, so you will have an idea how to treat with camels and how to lead them, to turn right and turn left. If it several continuous day trip for camel riding, you will have a really good experience to communicate and treat camels: to sit down and you can get off without help of nomad camel guide and in other side, you can ride your camel on your own self and can make the camel to stand up.         

In Mongolia we have a Thousand Camel Festival for tourists, annually held in the first week of March. During the festival you can enjoy the camel polo competition, camel march, camel racing and other camel related cultural activities and learn about the Mongolian nomadic culture related to camels. We have a nice documentary film about a Bactrian camel A Story of Weeping Camel. 



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