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No complaints, two couples enjoyed the trip. Horseback riding was wonderfull. Very cool service! We will recommend Blue Mongolia to our friends.

~ Catherine and Susan, UK


Blog | published: 2018-08-04


Blue Mongolia Travel agency renames the TOP 15 THINGS TO DO IN MONGOLIA in series of narration. We names the second thing to do in Mongolia is to SLEEP IN A GER.

Mongolian nomads initiated and re-designed the GER (yurta in Russian language) in last many hundred years, therefore, you will feel that how this dwelling is suit for nomadic often moves. Ger is the  most modest and comfortable portable dwelling, so it is used in many part of our world as permanent shelter: in Mont Blanc, in siberia, in skandinavian countries and in America. Today human beings have a plan: If there any big calamity happens in the world and people should move to another planet, the ger will used as fist dwelling in new planet.

Mongolian Ger is made of wood and and covered by white wool of sheep. When you get out of Ulaanbaatar area, you will see many of white gers in green meadows and lush. When you enter into the ger, you will see and feel how enough rooming space for the living, dining, sleeping.

We recommend you that during your travel in Mongolia you need to try to stay overnight in a ger at least for 1 night. When you are accommodating in the fancy ger camp, it is really breath taking. You will feel the comfort on the cozy soft wide king size bed with snow white bed sheets, as looking at decoration hangings from the wall of ger, enjoying the cap of tea and coffee as sitting on chair inside of ger or outside of the ger.

When it is time to go to bed, you will listen to some horses kneighing noices, cranes or birds singing and nomads’ motorbike engine’s low noise in far distance. In the night time, if you wanna to see stars, it is really good chance to see. Just get up and get out the ger in your pijamas. You will see billions and millions of stars, the milky way, the red lightening Mars, Orions and so on…. The ger up window is open, so you will have lots of fresh air, if the night is very warm. If the night is cool and windy or rainy, tourist camp’s ger keepers will serve you with putting fire for nice heating and covering your ger’s up window.

In the morning you may listen to mooing of cattles, horses kneighing and you will feel very fresh air. When you get out the ger, you will see the very peaceful countryside view, the sun and blue sky. It is fun to stay and sleep in ger.



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